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Jai Shriram Suresh Ji Namaste very nice to know about all of your extreme outstanding services. Use bed direction vastu in a way that While sleeping the head of a guest should not be facing the north direction.

Whether Your Room Faces North South East Or West We Ve Got A Colour To Bring Out The Best Dining Room Wall Color Living Room Wall Color Bedroom Wall Colors

The frequencies of Action kriyā-laharī of God are aligned in the East-West direction.

Bed facing east. 14 13 Master bedroom vastu for east facing house Rakesh Joshi 2016-11-29 1423. An East Bagua-Area Bedroom. Vastu Tips for Bedroom.

According to Vastu the perfect place to keep the bed is the south or west wall of the room so that the head lies in the south or west direction and the legs are in the north or east direction. The closet is directly at the end of the bed but no mirror while the bathroom door is to the right. There is yantra available exclusively for bedrooms situated in north-east direction.

Bedroom Feng Shui is essential to your home to ensure not just a good sleep quality but it also symbolise your romance or health luck. For example you can place your bed either facing East South East West North West or South West for best results. Windows and beds cannot be mixed and the rule of thumb is to avoid placing your bed facing directly to a window or under a windowThis type of bed placement will also activate negative effects on your personal health and love luck.

With these in mind a house facing east would generally be much better than one that is facing west. However it can also promote low motivation and laziness. When planted along the back of an east-facing bed shrubs can serve as a textured backdrop for flowering plants.

Bed coming directly in line with the door- Avoid placing the bed so that it faces the door. Here I must tell you that as per vastu shastra East facing houses can range from being very. Sorry Victor I just saw my typos.

If you have a panoramic view from your window you need to make use of this and place the bed so. Depending on which direction you position the bed you will have various other advantages through Feng Shui. If you dont have a choice place a heavy chest at the foot of the bed to block an on-rush of energy from the doorway while you sleep 8.

Master bedroom Vastu for east-facing house. Mirrors facing the bed- Mirrors facing the bed is the most common feng shui bed placement tabboo. The east according to the feng shui bagua map is a sector of the house that greatly influences health aspects of the.

With Feng Shui a bed facing west promotes contentment and a good nights sleep. But lets look a little deeper in feng shui concepts that can be applied to an east facing property. There is a box available which is known to have positive energy in it.

Their movement is in the space between these two directions. Do the needful remedies using master bedroom vastu for east facing house. This direction is ok it isnt as bad as facing to the north but doesnt add any of the benefits of sleeping to the east.

A master bedroom should be planned in the south-west direction in east-facing homes. But those who go to bed in an overexcited state place their heads facing north 5. I could possibly change the bed to have it facing east but then the headboard will be up against the same wall as the entrance door to the.

While sleep direction gets a lot of attention in Eastern medicine theres still more research that needs to be done concerning feng shui and vastu shastra practices. Choose flowering plants that require partial shade to plant in front of the shrubs. My bed faces North.

According to scientific analysis the earth revolves on its axis from east to west. By sleeping with our feet facing West we get higher benefit of these frequencies of Action. The following bed habits vastu room size norms and decors should be observed.

These are typically the conditions found in east-facing locations which makes these spots fun to garden as you can have the best of both worlds and a rich plant tapestry. Spiritual effect of sleeping with the feet facing West 21 Benefit of the frequencies of Action of God. Feng shui bagua map.

If your head faces the west the blood will always rush to the head and you cannot sleep peacefully so the bed shall be placed in north-south direction and you can sleep with south-facing head and north-facing feet to avoid geomagnetic interference. This will energize your room with positive vibes and you will feel the difference in short time. You must get it from an astrologer and place it in your bedroom.

At the end of my bed is the closet and bathroom. In this garden Annabelle Hydrangea Big Ears Lambs Ear and Sunny Delight Boxleaf Euonymus are a perfect example of how to bring this area of the garden to life this would be lovely against a stone wall picket fence. In the case of an East-facing bedroommore precisely an East Bagua-area bedroomthere can be a bit of a conflict between the energies needed in this specific Bagua area of the house and the best bedroom feng shui decor in general.

Please provide me some Vastu tips for master bedroom Vastu for east facing house. East facing houses are the second most preferred homes first one being north facing ones by a lot of people. Sleep Facing South Northern Hemisphere If you are in the southern hemisphere then I would read about sleeping in the northern hemisphere due to it being opposite for the southern hemisphere.

The east-west direction is believed to be the best direction to sleep according to Hindu practice because both memory and concentration are enhanced. Having said that heres another fact that most people tend to believe that all East facing homes are equal when it comes to vastu shastra but thats truly not the case.

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