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20 Bedroom Feng Shui Rules to Follow with Pictures 1. The south is the best direction to place your head while sleeping.

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A room in the South area can also have a strong Wood element decor because Wood feeds the Fire in the productive cycle of the five feng shui elements.

Bed in room face south. This is because the human head is considered to have a polar-like attraction and it needs to face southward to attract opposite. This page provides more detail on ideal solar orientation for different types of room. These sun-drenched spaces are warm and well-lit during the day which can be a blessing in the winter but it can also be too much of good thing.

And so your bed position can be tweaked accordingly. The door is a necessary gateway for getting in and out of the room so the headboard shall not face the bedroom door directly. The beds should be in south west or southwest directions of the room.

According to Vastu this position is linked with prosperity and happiness and most of all the best quality of sleep. For childrens bedroom the headboard should ideally be along the east. Honestly speaking generally the Northeast cornered bedroom is not good so dont plan the Northeast bedroom in the home and it may.

Before you make a final decision on the best spot for your bed there are several options to weigh and consider. We also explained that rooms should be located to take best advantage of the sun for example by having living areas face north where they will receive all-day sun and service areas face south where they will receive little sun. – Main bed-room for the head of the family should be in the South or South West direction.

For young couples the bed room should be in north. The Wood element colors are green and brown. Place the bed int he power position and reduce clutter even under the bed.

Vastu sleeping direction for kids suggest that their heads should face east while their feet should face west as energies related to intelligence and memory are said to flow in those directions. As per Vastu Shastra do not place any bedroom in the South-East direction of the main building as it leads to unnecessary quarrels this does not means that there are necessary quarrels also between husband and wife inefficient expenditure increases and the couple has to face. Use wall art and color to balance the five elements.

Make sure that the entrance can be seen though. Also it is best if your bed is made of wood. A north-to-south body position is considered the worst direction.

Layout for bedroom door location for optimal bedroom Feng Shui. The headboard shall not face the bedroom door directly. Otherwise you sleeping in the bed may easily feel insecure and suffer from neuralgia and headache.

The bed should be placed against the wall in the south or the west so that your legs point towards the north or the east when you lie down. In the above room youll see that the bed is up against the wall but not across the entrance. Northeast corner Bedroom may not be used by the elder of the house.

In many homes the south-facing room is the sunniest spot in the house because windows that face south receive the most direct sunlight throughout the year. Bed Room Lounge. The bedroom should be a restful place so you should use light undramatic colors for the walls.

Bed-room for unmarried children can be built on the east side and for unmarried youths or for guests the bed room in north west is good. Diagram of good and bad bedroom en suite door location. Vastu Master Bedroom Vastu For Sleeping Positions.

However if theres a window in the room then you should be able to see both the door and the window at once from your bed Russian psychologist Natalya Mikhailova says of the study results. The bed in the guest room can have its head towards the west. West is permissible too if nothing else works.

As per Vastu experts the sleeping position in the master bedroom is either the south or the west. However avoid locating the pooja room in the south. You need a secure stabile and quiet environment to sleep.

Bed room is the place where the body takes rest the climate should be peace and calm if you are using your computer only once in a day to check your emails and time span may be below 10 or 15 minutes then keep it at your bedroom otherwise it may be avoided to keep the computer at your bedroom it disturbs lot to you and your family members if you are doing typing sounds may disturb your. If you can drape a light scarf or blanket over the TV or desk or even cover it up with a Japanese folding closet to create even more space. Lay beds in the childrens bedroom in the South-West so that a childs head is in East or South direction.

Dont position the pooja room under a staircase or against the wall of a bathroom it is considered inauspicious. Let air circulate and keep closet doors and dresser drawers closed. The location of the bed in the master bedroom is important as it affects the sleep quality and health of the head of the family.

Vastu Shastra says that it is best to have the Master bedrooms in the South Southwest direction and West direction. However we all have limited space so if you do have a television or a desk in your room position it as far from your bed as possible to not get in the way of the beds positive energy. When you want to be at your best a good nights sleep gives you an advantage.

Try to ensure that you face the north or the east while offering prayers. If your bed isnt placed properly in your room however you may not get the rest that you require. The recommended direction for placing ones head while sleeping in the master bedroom is either the south or the west.

However a strong Fire element even though nourishing for the Earth can bring restless energy into the bedroom while the Wood element can weaken the energy of the Earth element needed in a good.

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