Bedroom Location As Per Vastu

However one must avoid placing a mirror in the South East South and South West bedrooms. This sector relates to movement or transit.

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The bed placement according to Vastu in the master bedroom is important as it influences the sleep quality and health of the family.

Bedroom location as per vastu. Bed placement as per Vastu. Direction of bedroom according to Vastu. According to Vastu your bed should be placed with the head towards the east or south.

According to Vastu bedroom must not be made in south east or north east. In case the house is multi-story the best direction is to the south-west on the top floor and it must be bigger than any other room in the house. Northeast corner Bedroom may not be used by the elder of the house.

Childrens bedroom as per Vastu has an ideal location in the North-East for boys and North-West for girls. West direction is the most suitable corner for having kids bedroom. 1- The Location and direction of Bedroom as per Vastu.

Bedroom must be in south-west. South-West is called a power spot for the relationship and harmony. Bedroom for New Couple as per Vastu Vayavya Noth-West is ruled by Vayu or Air.

Vastu Shastra says that it is best to have the Master bedrooms in the South Southwest direction and West direction. South-west side of the house and of all rooms inside the house should always be heavier than the East and north-east side. As per Vastu experts the sleeping position in the master bedroom is either the south or the west.

In big plots or factories etc. As per the Vastu Shastra the master bedroom must be in the south-west direction and the head of the family must occupy the room. For wardrobe or cabinet location you can select the northwest or southwest side of the room.

South- West direction is the most inappropriate direction for childrens bedroom. Always keep heavy things furniture etc. Honestly speaking generally the Northeast cornered bedroom is not good so dont plan the Northeast bedroom in the home and it may not be.

As per Vastu for Master Bedroom it should always be in the South-West corner of the home and head of the family must occupy this bedroom. One should avoid keeping rooms in total darkness. There should not be any mirror in the bedroom but if you have a dressing table with a mirror on it then place it on the east or north walls.

Vastu shastra for master bedroom has a huge effect on the harmony of the home so from the vastu perspective one needs to arrange this room. If the house is multi-story then master bedroom in the South-West corner of the top floor is best. Here is the amazing principle of the Vastu Shastra for the Master Bedroom.

As per Vastu the southeast corner is the most suitable TV or electric appliance location. Bedroom as per vastu is recommended that Bedrooms should not have any calendars photos idols or statues. Construct pooja ghar at center.

This is very auspicious. You may read our excellent blog to know everything youll ever need to know about Mirror Vastu. Bedroom location as per Vastu Bedroom direction in the South-West A direction that rules marriage and love is the Southwest corner of your house.

As per pooja room vastu north-east corner of home is best site for pooja place. Suggested vastu colours for the walls of bedrooms are light rose dark blue or dark green. The master bedroom should always be bigger than other rooms of the house.

Here are 14 simple tips and remedies according to Vastu for bedrooms for you to follow. In this portion in every room. Tips for Vastu Bedroom As a general rule of vastu south-west corner of bedroom should not be left empty.

The South-West indicates the nature of the earth element which includes power energy and strength. This will improve the health of owner as well as bring prosperity. Vastu for bedroom suggests that one can place a mirror in bedroom in the North East and West directions.

How to Ensure Peaceful Sleep The bed must always be located in the south west or south-west corner of the bedroom in a way that ones head must also point toward the same direction. Vastu guidelinesTips for Bedroom Vastu. Instead a side-bulb or a night lamp should always be lit advised vastu tips for master bedroom.

Position of Bed Children Position of Bed as per Vastu. East and west are second best locations. The South-West is the most suitable direction for the Master bedroom.

Keep the pooja place on ground floor. This is a good zone for placement of marriageable daughters bedroom. The master bedroom should ideally be located in the south-west corner of the home as it is linked with good health longevity and prosperity.

Other locations are east and west. If the bedroom is in the north east then it will cause health issues. Use plain or light coloured bedsheets in the shades of pink white or brown as they help ground and relax you after a hard days work.

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