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The standard Aloe barbadensis is attractive enough for any modern desk space or you can explore the merits of the dwarf Minibelle or the speckled Tiger Tooth cultivar that only looks like it has sharp teeth. The snake plant is easy to maintain purifies the air and even releases oxygen.

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Its a low maintenance plant and has a proven ability to soak up benzene and formaldehyde from the air.

Best plant for desk. Some are able to grow much larger with care and repotting. Filling your house with plants can improve your life expectancy. Luckily there are many office plants that are low maintenance and can survive well in even the dullest hostile environments.

This easy-care plant with heart-shaped white-splotched leaves makes a lovely addition sitting on a desk shelf or table. It thrives as a potted office plant can adapt to a variety of light conditions and is hardy if neglected. The plants from the aloe genus especially the aloe vera is undoubtedly the best choice for your office desk.

19 Tiny Plants To Cheer Up Your Sad Work Desk And also pretty planters by Natalie Brown. Devils ivy is another plant that will do well in the office as long as your desk gets some sunlight. It only requires a water when the soil is dry and bright indirect light.

Commonly found in dry harsh deserts the cacti plant is probably one of the only plants that really does thrive on neglect. Perhaps the most obvious benefit of maintaining a desk plant is that they clean the air and the importance of keeping you home office oxygenated cannot be overstated. Jade plants are hardy and small enough to fit on your desk Picture.

For a pop of color try anthuriums which are more durable than orchids and flower year-round. Curly Spider Plant from Patch Plants 6. Scientific studies back this up.

One report by the University of Hawaii at Manoa states that the spider plant is one of the best natural ways to remove volatile organic chemicalscompounds or VOCs and pollutants from the air. The 5 Best Office Plants for Your Desk or Workspace Pothos Golden Devils Ivy Golden Pothos also known as Devils Ivy or Epipremmum is one of the most versatile and easily grown indoor plants. When youre looking to spruce up your personal space turn to popular desk plants like bamboos and spider plants.

Cacti do prefer higher light so if you are lucky enough to have a window desk they will thrive. Peace lily plants are also known for cleaning the air helping to remove toxins and create a nicer environment in which to work. Some good beginner plants for the office include.

It can contain a huge amount of water enabling the plant to withstand even the most forgetful office workers. In the 1980s NASA discovered that plants remove chemicals from the air and the Sydney University of Technology found that they can reduce carbon dioxide levels by up to 25. Pothos Pothos adapts well to a variety of office conditions from low light levels to brighter ones.

These plants work well for focal interest and screening. It can survive with indirect sunlight and minimal maintenance. Plus the gel in the leaves has medicinal value.

Discover unique things to do places to eat and sights to see in the best destinations around the world. This colorful stunner is a popular new plant with pink stems and reddish-pink leaf tips thats sure to add some personality to your desk. Plus its not hard to care foritll show the most color.

Brighten up a drab cubicle with these low-maintenance plants. Getty Monstera deliciosa also known. Both require some care in watering but are able to survive in low light on desks in bathrooms and on kitchen counters.

1 2 2. Known for being one of the most adaptable and easy-to-care-for houseplants out there a spider plant is another great option if youre. One of the most popular house and office plants the golden devils ivy is small enough to fit on most desks.

Its tolerant of low light and a vigorous grower too. In no particular order here are the 20 best office plants to make your cubicle suck less. If youre looking to grow your plant collection this may be a worthy option.

Jade plants a hardy plant that can survive you forgetting to water it for a few days. It can live without direct light and its a slow grower which is good if you. Grow them in a sandy cactus mix to ensure the excellent drainage these plants require.

Both Creed and Satch named the ZZ plant as one of the hardiest indoor plants and the best choice for a cubicle. You might also like.

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