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SO It influences with its stillness peace and without alteration. Similarly if a door faces directly the door of a toilet it is bad door to door Feng Shui too.

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This is the Kou or mouth of your yang abode.

Feng shui front door facing south. Door Facing Door Feng Shui of Toilet. Facing South In a previous blog I wrote how the direction of your front door can impact your life in that house If your front door faces south this is a very good direction. There are no bad colors in feng shui but the wrong color can give mixed or negative results.

Image source CC Licence What its different from the kitchen scenario is that the health problem mostly concerns the urinary system. Here we discuss the feng shui concepts that apply to south facing houses and how to put them into practice for your own house. Orientation Of The Feng Shui For Front Door.

Get your copy of the Feng Shui Front Door eBook NOW. Feng Shui is primarily about the flow of energy where the main door is responsible for attracting the positive flow of energy in your home if the back door is in direct alignment with the main door it resembles Sha Chi a harsh quality of feng shui energy. A front door opening inwards is welcoming or pulling in the Chi-energy instead of pushing it away.

Determining the feng shui of the front door is not a simple task and none of the 19 considerations mentioned above are definite or absolute because one factor can greatly outweigh the other if the conditions are right. But this is only the general principle and it is not suitable for everyone just as a pair of shoes cant fit everyone. South is the only direction with the feng shui element of fire so the best feng shui color for a south-facing front door compass direction of 1575 to 2025 degrees is red of course.

Blue black and all earthy colors. To sum it up for you best feng shui colors for a South facing front door are in order of their auspiciousness. All About the 5 Feng Shui Elements in Home Decorating To make it easy and visual for you I have created two image galleries to illustrate as well as give further info on the bestfeng shui colors for a door facing each compass direction.

Red purple strong yellow deep orange deep pink green and brown colors. Front Door is facing the Back Door. Other fire element colors that work well include.

Depending on the amount of space you have or if you have a front porch you can use potted plants and plants in hanging baskets to further fuel the fire element of the south sector. It is where the entire good fortune chi that is meant for your home enters and accumulates. The most important part of your home to attend to in terms of feng shui is your front door.

OPENING OF THE FRONT DOOR. Feng Shui Tips for Decorating a South-Facing Front Door There are many things you can do to further decorate the area surrounding your south-facing front door. The front door opening outwards can spoil the feng shui of the entire house.

SE Encourages dialogue and evolution in harmony or balance. But the concepts that apply still remain the same. For example Front door facing East – Element Wood – colors green and brown Front door facing South – Element Fire – color red.

The methods to feng shui each house can be different even when they all face south. In other words not a single one of the considerations mentioned above can make or break the feng shui of your front door. The first gallery has the best feng shui colors for a front door and the second gallery has the second best choice of feng shui colors for.

The front door or main door of a home. This is due to their differences in layout floor plan interiors landscape etc. The front door facing a stair especially a downward stair is a dangerous Feng Shui pattern because once the door is open the family luck especially wealth will flow outside like the water flows downhill.

South-facing and east-facing houses can fully embrace the sunshine thus have the best direction. Bright red is brilliant on a South-facing door but not on doors that face North. The floor plan below show a toilet door facing a bedroom door in red circle.

E Especially favorable for young students. If the door opens outwards change the position of the hinges. I am not a Feng Shui expert but from what I can tell the color of your front door should match the direction of the front door or more specifically the corresponding element of that direction.

If the front door has a poor direction it may violate the Feng Shui taboo. Avoid the following colors for your South facing front door. S The South orientation stimulates too much being able to lead to discussions.

You dont want to have a mirror facing the door because when the chi enters your home it bounces off the mirror and goes back outside Instead place a mirror on a wall perpendicular to your door over a console for example. One mistake I see often is when people hang a mirror in front of their entryway says Askinosie. The Best Doors for a South-Facing Entry.

What a Sofa Facing Main Door Directly Means in Feng Shui If the position of the sofa is being aligned with the main door it will create unstable energy flow that will have negative impact for those staying in the house especially for the one who like to sit there namely. A Front door opens inwards not outwards. Avoid painting a front door black unless it faces North Southeast or East.

Select Feng Shui Colors for Interior Doors. Homes with entries that face the south can expect the front door to be in the sun all day unless the yard is bountifully landscaped or the home faces an. The feng shui bagua map While landscapes and.

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