General Vastu Rules

Placement of the bedroom in a south facing house vastu. Though general rules have already been defined above hence if you are already living in an apartment then consider consulting an expert for the remedies for the existing Vastu Dosh because by placing an object in the location of the dosh does not remove the dosh this is a myth.

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Basic Rules of Vastu.

General vastu rules. The height and Weight of the southwest should be more than the NorthEast. In general it is considered auspicious to place idols and portraits of Gods and Goddesses at your entrance. Proper placement of exterior sections are quite essential for prosperity and health of the inmates.

Here are a few simple principles that can be easily adapted for promoting peace and prosperity in ones habilitation. Today Vaastu Shastra has gained further importance due to the understanding of ancient and past monuments. As a general rule of vastu any images depicting violence disaster or cruelty should be avoided.

Building Bedroom according to Vastu. This is a common and general rule for any type of vastu irrespective of its directional orientation. Vastu is the science of direction that combines all the five elements of nature and balance them with the man and the material.

The old study of structure is considered for thriving and great joy. Today Vastu has increased further significance because of the comprehension of old and past landmarks. This is the primary reason why vastu shastra has rules and guidelines for coloring a house.

Updated on Mon Jan 18 2016 1351 IST. Alternatively a north-west-facing living room is also favourable. While these general Vastu design guidelines will give you a good idea about how to design your Vastu home it will still be necessary to consult with a Vastu expert.

In case there are multiple floors in the property Vastu rules state that the master bedroom should be constructed on the top floor. A living room in a Vastu compliant home. Vaastu Shastra is believed to exhibit cosmic energies that can be very beneficial for a successful lifestyle.

In Vastu Shastra today we will talk about the direction of the kitchen in the flat. This also lies in the same line of the fact that in order to achieve maximum benefits of lifes energy giving sources ones body must be in complete balance with the nature and according the vastu principles. These vastu color tips.

The first section is the direction-wise dos and donts of garden vastu and the second section reveals general garden vastu tips. Even in the case of mythological pictures images of war from the epic Mahabharata for example should be avoided even if they are from a revered text. The open space in North and East should be more than the South and west.

In a south-facing home the ideal location for the master bedroom is considered to be in the south-west direction. The ideal placement for bedrooms are in the North and East for a south facing house vastu. There is a broad spectrum of conflicting opinions among Vastu experts.

Vastu for the master bedroom. General Vastu Remedies Vaastu Shastra shows astronomical energies that can be extremely valuable for an effective way of life. Here are a few vastu rules pertaining to the ceiling.

Read more on general rules of Vastu Shastra to build a home. Like the general rules of Vastu Shastra it is considered best to have a kitchen in the south-east or south. Vastu is an extensive science.

General tips on Vastu Shastra while building a house. Mythological or Nature-Inspired Images Can be Placed Anywhere in the House Fact. Vastu Shastra for the kids.

The Plot and the Buildings shape must be in the square. The direction of the plot and construction should face north or east. On occasion because of space requirements Vastu Shastra cant.

House construction in Vastu follows a lot of rules and here are the general ones that you have to follow. The concept of architecture in Vastu has been adapted to make sure that humans lead a harmonious life with their surroundings and selves. Vastu tips for the bedroom.

Rakesh Patekar project head Elysium Abodes points out that some directions have positive impacts while the others may have a negative impact on the occupants of the houseAccording to Vastu east and north-facing plots are appropriate for construction of homes. Vaastu expounds some basic rules for exteriors that must be followed while constructing the house. The living room should face east north or north-east.

There are specific rules that you have to follow for maintaining the optimal situation of Vastu in bedroomThe bedroom is a very intimate spot and this is the spot that needs a lot of attention when one is trying to improve its harmony with the nature. A bedroom in the north side can be considered as the master bedroom. General Guidelines For Vastu of Exteriors.

Vastu Shastra is creating a congenial settings or a place to live or work in most scientific way taking advantages of the benefits bestowed by the five elements called Paanchbhootas of the nature thereby paving the way for enhanced health wealth prosperity and. As per Vastu Shastra you should keep idols and photos of Ganesha and Laxmi at the entrance of your home to welcome good luck wealth and prosperity. There is no specific vastu rule for a ceiling as this depends upon the area structure and the kind of construction required for the house.

Here are some other thumb rules to follow to make the living room Vastu-compliant. India being a rich country in terms of culture and tradition houses use some helpful vastu rules for home designing and positioning. The entrance and windows must be in the positive directions.

Balance the primary elements that is space water earth fire and wind of an area with the assistance of a Vaastu Guru. With this in mind.

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