Hindu Direction To Sleep

When Parvathi created a boy from turmeric to guard her while she was taking bathWhen Lord Shiva returned he find a stranger denying him access and struck off the boys head in rage. In this video Sadhguru explains the reason why it is generally advised in the yogic culture not to point your head towards the North direction when sleeping.

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Why sleeping in north direction is bad.

Hindu direction to sleep. In the Hindu tradition it is a custom to lay a dead body with its head in the North until cremation. It can also trigger neurological issues and cause long term sleep deprivation. Many rely on ancient practices when determining which sleeping directions ensure deep sleep.

East is the best direction. Hence it is important to know which is the best direction to sleep. South if you must.

So which is the best direction to sleep with your head pointing towards. The best direction to sleep is important but so is the position of your bed. So South can be considered a good sleeping direction as it can promote deep quality sleep without disturbing dreams.

The advantage of good sleep. There are positive vibrations present in the east direction which makes the chakras in the body rotate in the appropriate direction instead of conflicting directions. Sleeping with head to the East.

This is true as long as you are in the northern hemisphere sleeping with your head towards any side except north is okay. Head direction while sleeping is a key consideration as per Vastu. It makes you happier and keeps you in a joyful state throughout the day.

In the context of sleep one who sleeps like a corpse is the one who enjoys good health. South if you must. It is a belief that north is the route which the soul takes while exiting the body.

For childrens bedroom the headboard should ideally be along the east. According to the ancient Hindu beliefs South is the direction of Yama the God of Death. The east-west direction is believed to be the best direction to sleep according to Hindu practice because both memory and concentration are enhanced.

It boosts memory increases concentration and promotes meditative sleep resulting in good health. Movement of the chakrās Centres in the body through which the spiritual energy flows in the body of an individual takes place in the appropriate sleeping direction and sleep is peaceful. East is recommended for scholars teachers and those looking for fresh career opportunities or promotions.

So which is the best direction to sleep with your head pointing towards. According to Vastu this position is linked with prosperity and happiness and most of all the best quality of sleep. And so your bed position can be tweaked accordingly.

How you position your bed will also have an impact on your overall health. The Best Sleep Directions as per Ancient Beliefs. Sleeping with head towards South direction increases wealth happiness and prosperity.

Almost every Hindu- orthodox or heterodox- observes this dictum of his ancestors but he doesnt know the rationale or significance behind the dictum although it has been handed down to him through generations. Sleep mantras to get peaceful sleep Chanting of mantras are an integral part of Hindu Dharma which considers every act to be performed under spiritual purview. You can actually minimize vulnerability by making small adjustments to the position of your bed in your bedroom.

People would perform random web searches asking questions like Which direction should your bed face or Which direction to sleep Hindu Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra. Never lie down to sleep with your head northward or westward is a common injunction given from time immemorial by the Indian mother to her children. Thus it is best to completely avoid this sleeping direction as per vastu to be on the.

East is the best direction. Not only does this position attract positivity but it also aids you in becoming healthy. Incorrect sleeping direction leads to brain damage aging and sleeping complications.

Moreover as per Hindu tradition the dead bodies are laid in this direction until cremation as it is the direction in which the soul leave the body and begins a new journey. In Hindu Dharma it is believed that the movement of the chakras present in our body takes place in the pertinent sleeping direction and when we have a proper sleep. This is true as long as you are in the northern hemisphere sleeping with your head towards any side except north is okay.

While sleep direction gets a lot of attention in Eastern medicine theres still more research that needs to be done concerning feng shui and vastu shastra practices. If one sleeps in this position then heshe faces major sickness and remains sleep deprived. Generally when we sleep we dont know which direction we need to place our headThe direction we sleep has a strong impact on our body.

Scientifically speaking the remaining prana exits the body through the North because of the magnetic pull of the earths electromagnetic field. Due to the pleasant positive vibrations emanating from the east the chakrās in the body start rotating in the appropriate directions instead of in the conflicting directions. As per sleeping direction vastu this is the BEST DIRECTION to keep head.

The power of negative energies increases during the night and hence they can easily attack an individual while heshe is asleep. Sleeping with your head pointing east is a boon for any academic pursuits. The south is the best direction to place your head while sleeping.

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