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The best colours for your home office. Least preferred North-west Read more on Living room Vastu rules for furniture layout colours and decor below.

Vastu Shastra For Directions Vastu Shastra Directions Indian House Plans

In my last blog on I have explained How to choose the city as per the Vastu and Astrological Calculations in todays blog I will give you Vastu tips for the selection of direction and sub direction.

Home direction by vastu. What you get is a vastu compliant home which has the capability of ridding negative energy and accepting and even enhancing only the positive energies. The direction which your house faces influences the energies both positive and negative which enter your home according to the ancient Indian architectural system Vastu Shastra. Basic Vastu for Home Tip 1.

Energies flow in and out through the main door. Vastu for Home Office. Many make Vastu sound really complicated and difficult to follow.

According to Vastu the perfect place to keep the bed is the south or west wall of the room so that the head lies in the south or west direction and the legs are in the north or east direction. Stand at the entrance door of your home facing outside as if youre going out of your home. You can avoid placing this powerful symbol in the wrong place when you understand the symbolism and meaning of elephant Vastu directions.

People have become selective to North and East directions for their home facing as per Vastu Shastra. Attract good vibes in your home with these vastu tips. This is the entry point for positive energy moving into your home and your life.

It can even be said that this entire system is direction-based and that the principles the dos and donts are all direction-specific. Record the direction you are facing using a compass while you are in the position mentioned in step 1. Whereas it is really easy and simple to follow.

The fundamentals of Vastu have eight directions and each direction is governed by particular lord. Living room Vastu suggests a preference for the following. Vastu defines a specific corner and direction for each important room of your house.

Worshiping Lords of specific direction yields eternal bliss to the people in the form of success health and prosperity. According to vastu shastra the entrance to a house is not meant just for people but also for energy. Home is where happiness begins.

Direction of the house is the direction your main door faces. People are confused with regard to the facing of their house. For the location in the house-a.

It is known as the most auspicious. If you are planning to build a new house or buy an old bungalow being aware of the likely effects can prepare you for what to expect since each direction has advantages and disadvantages. Designing your own personal space according to your tastes and preferences can be exciting and overwhelming.

Most preferred North direction b. Vastu for home entrance design refers to the main entrance as the archway to victory and progress in life. Vastu for the Main Entrance.

The entrance of the house brings in the main energy. Vastu Shastra is an ancient guide for a positive home right from the entrance of a house to the bedroom kitchen bathroom outdoors and courtyard. Importance of Directions in Vastu.

The Vastu Shastra principles for your home entrance mandate the best directions for your home site. According to Vastu Shastra a home office should be set up in the west or southwest section of the house as it is conducive to business and a stable career. A master bedroom should be planned in the south-west direction in east-facing homes.

It is here that an individual can make the best business decisions. Off-white or cream is a Vastu neutral colour. If you noted North in the compass your home is North facing.

Vastu Tips for Financial Prosperity At Home. These are said to bring positive energies and abundance in wealth. Second preference South-west direction c.

And there you are the direction that you have just noted in step 2 is the direction your house faces. Directions are not mere points displayed in a compass but are held as energy centers by the Vastu Shastra. Since the Main door is the entry for the energies in the house keep it clean and decorated for attracting wealth.

25 Tips of Vastu Shastra for Home. Positioning the main entrance can play a major role in the homes vastu. Vastu for Home Entrance Tips.

After selection of City to residestart a business one should look upon the various other factors like Disha. The favourable directions for having the main entrance are north east or north-east. Read on to find out more about the vaastu of the main entrance.

Follow this expert advice on vastu directions for the main door. The elephant Vastu direction guidelines can help infuse positive and auspicious energy into your home or office. In Vastu Shastra the ordinal directions are given more.

Here are a few simple Vastu tips you can follow at home effortlessly. This in turn will always have positive effect on you as residents and you will prosper be successful experience abundance and peace always. This is the direction that your home faces.

Directions hold prime significance in the realm of Vastu. According to Vastu Shastra the main entrance to a home is not only the entry point for the family but also for energy. Master bedroom Vastu for east-facing house.

What is the best Vastu direction for the Living room. How to Choose Directions and Sub-direction in Vastu to Build a Home. Direction of the House.

The main entrance of the house is one of the most important areas. If the Home direction is East of South East is extended then use any light shade of Red Pink Orange Violet Purple or Lilac colours. Often the direction of the main door is a matter of contention.

Directions for Vastu Entrance These are the best directions that your entrance should face.

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