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Generally if a couple constructing or moving to the new house we need to consider the Name of the husband for choosing the House Facing Direction. You must know and understand that vastu shastra has always claimed that all the directions are equally good be it North East West or South.

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A northwest facing house is one where the Chien trigram finds its way to the facade of the property.

House facing. In case your house is south facing then you need to go through the simple vastu tips for the south facing house. I must tell you that as per vastu shastra none of the direction is considered bad. If your house is west-facing the sheng chi wealth is in the west.

However as per the same yes very same vastu shastra one thing that can make a house inauspicious is the entrancemain door of the house even if all other vastu rules are followed. To find out the facing direction of your house all you need to do is take the compass reading of the front door of your house. In fact vastu shastra never says that one direction is good and another one is bad.

However this north east facing house has an overwhelmingly auspicious natal chart called a parent string that belongs to a special category of energy maps. Because of the directions of both the sun and wind north-south facing homes are the most desired house facing direction in Singapore. The suspicions and myths that surrounds it is what arises these doubts.

However this is not the sole determinant for the entry of positive energy into your household. According to Vastu Shastra east north and north-east-facing homes are most auspicious. For a north facing house the property would be sitting south.

Also as per same vastu shastra its the placement of main doorentrance and other rooms of a home that makes it auspicious or inauspicious. Coming home at the end of a tough day at work to a warm and uncomfortable home is the last thing you want so read on more to let us help you make the best choice in your unit selection. A north-south facing home not only avoids the direct sun during the day but it also benefits from the winds current.

This gives room for negativity to flow easily. However a huge. House facing have to see by birth star or zodiac sign.

You can also consult with an architect or a planner who can come up with a customised east-facing Vastu house plan as per your requirements. The facing side of a house is usually the busier side and the side that lets in most of the environment energy into the house. There is no necessity to consider both the wife and husbands name.

Sahithi Sunday August 13 2017 at 15800 PM EDT. Vastu shastra for southeast facing house suggests the below-enlisted tips. Today we will learn the actual facts and features associate with south facing house vastu from eminent vastu expert Mr Pinaki Pal.

Most popular feng shui items on Amazon. The north direction is dedicated to Kuber the God of wealth and going by this logic north-facing homes should have been most popular. Among the favorable sectors that has positive energy one of which is yen nien sector which brings relationship harmony when nurtured.

North Facing House What Vastu Shastra Says About It. After doing numerous condominium reviews in Singapore we cannot stress enough how paramount it is that you make the right choice in the best house facing direction. Facing of the door is the reading taken at the door whereas facing of the house is the place where there is most movement of qi or human traffic or the place where the sun shines brightest in the house 最阳的地方.

South facing house is considered as a second option for people who are looking forward to purchase a home for themselves. So a lot of people naturally that such a home would be perfect for a household where the patriarch is the main breadwinner to maintain the family. East-facing house Vastu plan.

Though the land or property on the Wifes name we consider the Husbands name only to determine Main Entrance. South Facing House What Vastu Says About It. Note that by the front door in feng shui we mean the actual front door that the house was built with not the side door or the back door.

Since the past couple of decades South facing houses has got very. 8 mansions feng shui is a school of thought that identifies 4 good and 4 bad area of a house. Please do not mix up the facing of your house with the facing of your door as alot of pple who first started practising fengshui would get this all mixed up.

It usually though not necessarily the side with street access main door and living area. So your common perception about the same or your neighbour or real estate agent telling your that your new home is an east facing house vastu can actually be an illusion. The larger windows are usually at the facing side.

South Facing Home Vastu. If you are planning to construct an east-facing house it is important that you adhere to a Vastu-compliant house plan to ensure flow of positive energy inside the home. Because Virgo means South facing but as per birth star hastam means north facingwhich one is correct.

The boundary wall should be low on the east side and higher on the southern side. Never leave the front area of the house open. Only 2 days in the year the sun rises in the exact east namely on 20 th or 21 st March and 22 nd or 23 rd September.

If your front door is centered on the front side of your home then it is in line with the sheng chi direction. Other west group kua numbers will find this a good direction although it may be a different feng shui sector than kua number 6. Vastu shastra helps in designing the house in such a way that it has maximum room for positive energy to flow all around.

However this is not a default feng shui assessment as there are various components to the energy dynamics of a property to determine whether it. In addition the timely star 8 is the acting mountain star and the facing and acting water star at the sitting. It also helps in obstructing negative energy from entering the house.

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