House Vastu As Per Rashi

Karka Rashi or Cancer English 3. The direction of the house or the facing of the house is the direction you face while coming out of the house.

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Let us study it profoundly in this chapter.

House vastu as per rashi. So one must consult an astrologer before finalising the date as per the panchang followed in their area. Lucky vastu facings based on birth stars. As per Vastu home should be located in a particular position in a plot.

The main entrance of a house or a flat or apartment is the actual transit point from where. Vrishchik Rashi or Scorpio English Position or Location of Main Entrance of a North facing Vastu. Vastu Tips for Directions before you Buy a House All these of Rashi are basically birth sing.

The panchang may vary from region to region. Vastu Shastra has been one of the most powerful traditional systems in Hindu Mythology which keeps all the negative energies away from the body and surroundings. As per Vastu Shastra the Location of main entrance of your home is perhaps the most vital aspect to keep in mind.

South facing house Vastu is very important for positive energy and has been a hot topic of discussion of late. The direction of the main entrance as per Vastu is the most important aspect while taking. Lucky Vastu Facings.

Vastu in the rented house works for the space that has been occupied by the tenant. Here I must tell you that vastu shastra never claims that North is a good direction to orient a home and West is bad. If entrance is in the T L junction it harms the peace of mind and impacts prosperity of those who are living in that house.

Everything started falling into place so beautifully both at personal and professional end. In our area many plots are uneven and the houses which are ready for sale do not have good vastu power. Though Vastu is conceptually similar to Feng Shui in that it also tries to harmonize the flow of energy Also called Life-force and Prana in Sanskrit similar to Chi in Chinese through the house it differs in the details such as the exact directions in which various objects rooms materials etc are to be placed.

We thought he may show a way to find the house direction as per name. We are planing to move toa new rented house. People have become selective to North and East directions for their home facing as per Vastu Shastra.

The house is built as per vastu but there is an extension in South in Master bedroom with big window. Many people believe in constructing their house according to the rules of Vastu Shastra to keep the place positive harmonious and members happy and stress-free. The combined energy gives a more powerful impact on the overall.

Vastu home location can yield different effects as per positioning of the home. Vastu Tips for Directions before you Buy a House. How to Check Your Main Door Direction.

The Procedure to Choose the Direction for Home as per Vastu Shastra. They carry on with a normal life. Persons born in Aswini birth star should live in West Facing they should avoid East Facing.

For your north facing home the position main door is going to play a significant role. The below article will clarify all doubts and Vastu myths regarding the Vastu of south facing housesEven if youre planning to buy a flat as per Vastu this article will give you. Both me and my wife are sravana nakshatra and makara rasi.

Please suggest us some remedies. Persons born in Kritika birth star should live in East Facing they should avoid West Facing. Tula Rashi individuals carry on with an unremarkable life in South-confronting houses.

Persons born in Bharani birth star should live in South Facing they should avoid North Facing. Last year I along with my family shifted from Ranchi to Delhi after 26 years. They dont acquire a lot or lose anything in such houses.

Vastu for Entrance stands for the main gate for the compound. Despite the common myths having a southern facing house can be exceptionally beneficial to some people if the entrance is placed in the 3 padas we will discuss this later in below section. In fact as per vastu shastra all the directions are equally good to orient a house.

These are said to bring positive energies and abundance in wealth. The Jatak born in Aries sign have a bit dark complexioned face eyes Somewhat brown dwarf or medium height sturdy and good body long neck and talk very sensitively. Suppose Mine is Scorpion and chart show East Direction meaning I have to avoid building my Vastu premises in East Direction of Mumbai City.

Main door Vastu has been accorded the highest priority when it comes to the overall Vastu of a house. Now look upon the chart and see which Naam Rashi Zodiac Sign of your Name falls into which category. In Vastu Shastra the ordinal directions are given more importance as they form a union of two directions.

Also vastu rooms should be designed and located in a particular way. The fear and myths surrounding such houses make people apprehensive before buying such houses. Dear Sir to select a house as per our Jathaka we approached one astrologer in the year 2001.

Narendra Jain expert at Arihant Vastu says For the Griha Pravesh many people consider Kharmaas Shraad Chaturmaas etc to be inauspicious. Before shifting to my new house in Vasant Kunj I was advised by Rashi about very simple things as per Vastu in my house. Benefits of having a south facing house vastu as per experts After taking a look at the myths its time to know the benefits associated with south facing house vastu.

However the thing that makes or breaks vastu for a house is the location of the entrance or main door of the house. In fact most Vastu experts unequivocally accept that the Vastu for home entrance holds the highest weight-age when it comes to the longevity of the structure as well as the happiness of the residents. The plot is south facing but the house in third floor is north east facing.

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