Kitchen In West As Per Vastu

I am sure you already know that fire in controlled environment is beneficial but if the same yes very same fire goes out of hand then it obliterates everything and anything in its way. Clog burners in the kitchen indicate monetary issues.

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Cleaning the kitchen slab utensils and the floor is hygienic and also in line with Vastu principles.

Kitchen in west as per vastu. Exhaust fans in the eastern walls in the Southeast corner. Colors for in West Direction Kitchen as per vastu. You can read our article on toilet vastu shastra tips to know more on toilet vastu.

The sink should ideally be placed in the north-west zone of the kitchen. According to Vastu Shastra the lord of Agni Fire prevails in south-east direction. It is also suggested that the cook should face the east or north direction while cooking food in the kitchen.

Southern or eastern directions are secondary choices. This is just indicative. The stove should be placed in south-east direction of the kitchen so that the cook may face east direction while cooking.

According to Vastu Shastra the Lord of FireAgniprevails in the southeast direction of the home which means that the ideal placement of the kitchen is the southeast direction of your home. Place the gas stove in the South East part of the kitchen. Colors for a West Facing House.

Green Green is the colour of harmony. How to evaluate vastu for the kitchen. Puja house should not be placed in the kitchen as chemical reactions take place within the kitchen.

As per Vastu colors like silver white and yellow are the most common colors for west-facing homes. Off-white or cream is a Vastu neutral colour. If you live in a west-facing home you should use light and bright colors to paint the walls.

Place an image of goddess Annapurna in the north-east corner of the kitchen. As per Vastu all the containers used to store grains pulses and spices should be placed in the southern or western directions as they are believed to attract abundance in the house. We have tried to put a methodology for evaluating vastu for the kitchen.

As per vaastu shastra south-east is the ideal kitchen direction for every household. Kitchen being the important part of home is the primary contributing. So ideally the kitchen should be located in south-east of the home.

The ruling planet of the Kitchen is said to be Venus while Fire is kitchen structures. Vastu Shastra Colours for Kitchen in West. If the cooking slab is in the East to West Direction the Sink should be on the East end of the slab and the cooking oven should be in the middle of the west end of the slab.

Kitchen in South West. Kitchen is the most effected area of house from where all kind of energies prevails while an expert Vastu consultant would surely identify about the adverse situation of house if kitchen is placed incorrectly. If your house faces the east or the south the best place for the kitchen would be the south east.

For a west or north facing house place the kitchen along the north west direction so that you look towards the north while cooking. The Kitchen is the best place to have the daily meals. As per the theory of fiver elements the space element governs the West direction.

Vastu tips for Kitchen. The second best option is north-west part of the home. If the Kitchen zone in West of South Wast is extended then use any light shade of Blue colour.

In kitchen vastu as far as the flooring is concerned it is instructed to use marble mosaic or ceramic tiles to keep the kitchen more neat and clean. Kitchen The Vastu of the place where you cook is very important for peace and happiness in the life and for the health of a family. As per Vaastu for Bathroom It is also advised to not keep the door of the bathroom opposite to the door of the kitchen according to the kitchen direction as per Vastu.

As per Vastu the placement of fire sources should be in the south-east direction. If the Kitchen zone in West is cut or low then use any. Vastu for kitchen is important since kitchen represents the Fire element.

While choosing your kitchen colour as per vastu consider green as it is the colour of hope and harmony. If for any reason you are unable to do so the north-west direction will work. The cooking person in the Kitchen should be facing either the East or the North Direction.

Vastu Colors for Kitchen 3. This important part of house must be placed on its corresponding place ie. As per vastu shastra you must keep toilet doors closed at all times.

West is an alternate neutral direction to face while cooking. Thus keep burners of your kitchen clean as this ensures smooth flow of cash in a household. Vastu is an ancient Indian art that harnesses the energy of natural elements like the heat and light of the Sun gravitational force of earth direction of the winds the intensity of rainfall etc and uses them to balance with the surroundings of mankind.

If the Kitchen zone in West is balanced then use any light shade of Silver White or Metallic colour. If your kitchen faces the north-west direction choosing white will work especially well to increase beneficial vibes. If you cant keep your stove in East direction second option is to keep your stove in west facing in NW side of the kitchen.

The Refrigerator can be placed in the North-West or the South-West. So the kitchen should be in the south-east corner of the house and one should face east while cooking. As per the Vastu Shastra the kitchen should ideally be located in the South-Eastern part of the house.

South-east governed by element Fire. Kitchen in south west direction is not good and advisable as per vastu. Although a kitchen here is not ideal but in some specific cases based on the astrological charts a kitchen is permissible in the WestYou must consult a good Astro-Vastu expert before designing your house.

In fact a kitchen in the West is sometimes an.

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