Kitchen Postion As Per Vastu

Dining area direction as per Vastu. It should not be below the toilet on the upper floor.

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According to Vastu Shastra the lord of Agni Fire prevails in south-east direction.

Kitchen postion as per vastu. The refrigerator is best kept in a manner where one faces the west when the doors of the refrigerator are opened. I believe that you have already read the previous section of this article and are in a better position to understand the ill-effects of vastu non-compliant kitchen. Kitchen or dining room is the best place to have your daily meal.

The cook should face the east or south direction while cooking. According to Vastu recommendation the entrance of a kitchen should be from west or north side. The second best option is north-west part of the home.

To enhance the aura of the kitchen the science of Vastu cannot be overlooked. It is very crucial to understand that placing the kitchen as per Vastu yields numerous benefits with the likes of keeping the family healthy prosperous and self-driven. Since light creates positive energy the dining area should also be painted in lighter shades.

Windows help in ventilation too and it is better for your kitchen. According to Vastu ones home should have a proper balance of the elements of earth sky air fire and water. Thus keep burners of your kitchen clean as this ensures smooth flow of cash in a household.

Kitchen in the West Direction. And these restaurants or hotels are doing exceedingly well. The refrigerator must not be kept in an extreme end of the wall.

They are one of the most important aspects when it comes to designing a completely Vastu compliant kitchen. The stove should be placed in south-east direction of the kitchen so that the cook may face east direction while cooking. Here are a few Vastu tips for kitchen that may come in handy.

The kitchen sink involves work with water and the wrong position of water can disturb family members in a critical way. A kitchen is best placed in South-east corner of house because symbolically fire has triangle shape and governs South-east quadrant. Even West is a good kitchen direction as per Vastu.

Clog burners in the kitchen indicate monetary issues. As per Vastu this is the most auspicious alignment for an ideal kitchen entrance. So ideally the kitchen should be located in south-east of the home.

And secondly if chosen well kitchen color as per Vastu can really boost the Agni tattva or the fire element in your house. The door of the kitchen should be placed in the north-east north or in the east position. In the previous section I believe you understood some of the negative impacts of a vastu non-compliant kitchen.

In this article we are going to discuss some powerful tips about Vastu shastra for the kitchen sink that will help you to make a Vastu compliant kitchen. Firstly they add a dash of elegance and class to your kitchen. The exhaust fans should be installed in the southern direction of your kitchen.

The Gas stove should be placed in the south east portion of the area. Kitchen is an important part of house that must be situated at its ideal place because wrong position of Fire can disturb family members in most critical way. Vastu for Kitchen tips on Kitchen Vastu Shastra regarding its best position for a Vastu Kitchen Vastu for Kitchen is an essential subject in the designing of House plans While planning up for your ideal nest it is evident on your part to take proper care not only of the constructional designs interior decorations and set up but also of the principles governing Vastu as well.

Vastu colors for kitchen serve a dual objective in the overall Vastu design of a house. Place an image of goddess Annapurna in the north-east corner of the kitchen. Vastu expert Ashna Ddhannak holistic life coach at Enlightening Lifestyle believes that.

As per Vastu for Kitchen the ideal placement for the refrigerator fridge freezer is the Southwest quadrant of the kitchen. It assists in making a person more confident and motivated to pursue various aspects of life. KITCHEN POSITION IN THE HOUSE.

Vastu tips for Kitchen. Kitchen direction as per Vastu. The kitchen is an integral part of any Indian householdthe source of our day-long energy.

Every little appliance that you place in your kitchen has some or the other importance and if it is placed according to the Vastu positive vibes are sure to prevail. Puja house should not be placed in the kitchen as chemical reactions take place within the kitchen. Fire or agni devta is associated with the Sun which symbolises energy and strength.

Vastu For Kitchen Refrigerator. Placing kitchen In some areas Kitchen is called as hearth Oven cuisine cooking room culinary canteen Pantry Kitchenette cookery Rasoee dine barbeque etc is the most important factor in vastuA kitchen should always be at Southeast corner of the house or some what to the Northwest corner of the house as a second-best placement. Every single appliance that finds pride of place in your kitchen is important and if it is placed according to the principles of Vastu can ensure that positivity prevails.

I have seen a lot of commercial Vastu compliant kitchens serving seafood which are in the West direction. Vastu for Kitchen Is it Important. Vastu Tips For Kitchen.

The south east direction is considered to be the most ideal place for placement of a Kitchen within any given premises or apartment. Correct Choice for the Dining Area Its not the kitchen area that matters even the dining area should be as per Vastu Shastra. The kitchen is an integral part of any Indian house a place which is the source of our day long energy.

But never face South while having your meal it creates stomach disorders indigestion and other related problems please note that if your property is not fit as per vastu then only you may expect all these indigestion troubles otherwise you may not feel such drastic health problems if you have food facing towards South. A bright and clean modular kitchen. As per Vastu the placement of fire sources should be in the south-east direction.

Thus North West is also a good kitchen position as per Vastu. AS PER VASTU THE KITCHEN DIRECTIONS-. As per Vastu a kitchen should be clutter-free.

All the utensils should be kept neatly in the cupboards as per Vastu requirements. Yesyou read that right.

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