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The main door is of great significance in vastu shastra as the entrance is considered to be the opening of a home apartment or. Decorate your door with beautiful nameplates and auspicious torans.

Main Door Of House According To Vastu Mandal And Their Place S Lord Or Dev Main Door East Direction House Elevation

Avoid Corners Place the door right.

Main door house entrance vastu. The main door should be well-lit in the evening. If the house is constructed in such a way that the main door faces the west it is called the house with. House entrance Vastu- Important DONTS.

Designating a room in the house for. Vastu for east-facing main door If you have an east-facing home take caution while placing the main door entrance. Also make sure that no shadow falls on the main door especially those of trees and buildings.

Avoid slanting sliding or circular opening entrances. It is similar to entering an inner world house from the outer world which brings along a lot of vibrations too. Decoration at the main door Decorate the entrance with green plants if there is space.

Having the main gate of the house and the entrance door along the same line is considered to be inauspicious according to Vastu. The good directions of the resident is determined based on their date of birth. Some Vastu authorities say that to figure out where to place a main door divide the house into nine parts.

The entrance door should also be taken in consideration while the application of Vastu to your house. Avoid having main door facing directly to another homes main entrance. Ensure your main door opens in a clockwise manner.

Vastu for Entrance stands for the main gate for the compound. As per Vastu the main door of a west-facing home can be located in any of the two Padas ie. Always ensure that your entrance is exactly in the middle and not in the south-east or north-east as these two corners are considered unlucky for placing the main door in the east-facing property according to Vastu.

Vastu for door almost completely depends on the location of the door on this Mandala and the corresponding deity. The main door should not make any squeaky noise while opening or closing. Avoid underground tank septic tank etc.

Vastu for the Meditation Room. Vastu Main Door Home -the main door or entrance main gate should always in auspicious direction for home or office. Torans are also good as decorations for the main door.

Vastu Tips for Main or Entrance Door. This will avoid the direct flow of energy. We enter and exit the house from the outside world to inside home and the place which brings all the happiness and good luck it makes the main entrance hold prime importance.

Always place the name plate to the right side when you enter the home of the main door. Urja energy enters in the house through doors and windows. East Facing House Vastu Main DoorEntrance Placement East is considered to be a good direction in vastu shastra however this in no way means that one can locate the entrance of a house at any place in East side.

Well Vastu experts believe that the entrance of the main door is the most influential and pivotal part of the house as the door lets in and out various kinds of vibes and cosmic energy with people. Always have a bright light at the entrance but avoid red-coloured lights. Ensure the main entrance is well lit.

9 on each side. Avoid placing animal statues or figurines near the main door. This will allow the mirror to reflect positivity into the house.

The main door will be bigger than the other doors of the house. However the Main Door front door of your house is where the major part of energy enters and therefore this door plays an important role in determining the flow of vibrations experienced by the household. 5 th or 6 th on the West side from the north-west side.

From the image above one can understand that West side of the house ie. Ideally the main door of a house should never be placed exactly at the corner of a room. Western Main door house in Vastu.

The entrance door size should always be larger than the other doors of the house. Main entrance towards the east of south east is a negative Vastu location. Any T junction or dead end road towards the east of south east is a major vatu defectFix three vastu Copper Triangular Helix behind the door or under the door plate to rectify the defect.

If entrance is in the T L junction it harms the peace of mind and impacts prosperity of those who are living in that house. The main door should not be situated across from the main door of. Vastu dos and donts for the main door Lighting at the main door.

Mainly Vastu gives 36 options for the building of doors or entrances to the house. These are also called Padas as we already saw in the. For a plot with a road on western side the best way to construct a house without leaving much space on west Main entrance should face west.

However house owners must avoid creating an entrance to the right of the central point of a wall that faces the south as it is considered inauspicious. The length from the north-west NW corner to the south-west SW corner is divided into nine equal parts. VASTU FOR MAIN DOORS Entrance Door To the House.

Avoid placing a shoe-rack in front of the main entrance. Door or the entrance of the house on different Padas gives different results. Vastu For Home Entrance 5.

Under a homes main door. South-facing house vastu tip 2. However it is advisable to place a mirror at a right angle to the door.

It can be concealed in the door frame also. The main door of your home is not only the general entry point for the family but also for energy all the right energies and that is why keeping the Vastu for main doors in check. Avoid main door directly facing a compound wall.

From the right side of the house the entrance is in the sixth division from the right. The door should be in the fourth section of the house from the left hand side. The main door should not directly open into the living room as per Vastu.

Saral Vastu for main door analyzes the root cause of problems faced by the householders. Avoid painting the main door black. Entrance door should be in North East or North East of the house.

Ensure the main door is the largest This will bring in the most positive energies.

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