Plants That Don't Need A Lot Of Water

How To Water Aloe Plants. They cannot survive freezing temperatures so you will need to dig them up and store them indoors during these times.

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It also can go a week or more without watering.

Plants that don't need a lot of water. Submerge those in water and theyll begin to form their own roots. You actually dont water the soil. While these shade plants dont need direct sunlight to survive they do need indirect light which can come from the smallest of windows In fact many of these plants can be harmed by direct sunlight so be sure you place them in a place where they arent too close to a window with direct light.

You dont ever really. Achillea filipendulina aka the milfoil or yarrow is a robust perennial plant with gray-green foliage. Indigenous to West Africa this plant is one of the hardest in the world.

Some people prefer to only propagate spider plants in water then pot it in soil after its rooted and growing. Plant the tubers two to three inches deep after frosts have ceased for the year. Here are fifteen ones that dont need a lot of watering or any at all.

This plant is an epiphyte which means it doesnt need soil at all. What you need are plantlets taken from an already grown spider plant. During the period of drought these tough plants shrink and use the reserved water.

8 Monkey Flower. These plants dont need much water but in a hanging basket water more than if its in the ground. Oleander is a plant that is native to dry tropical regions of the world and so its no surprise that it loves heat and drought.

To water dunk them every 10 days and let them dry out after in a sunny spot. In early summer it produces stems with flowers in bright yellow umbels. Dont be alarmed this one wont.

Its root system is huge. These beauties make great indoor or outdoor plants. So even if youre the most unpromising green thumb ever you can expect it to grow.

6 The Spider Plant. Great for a basket or pot it adds a splash of colour in a courtyard or even on a balcony and is so tough. Watering the plant every two weeks is better though.

Flowers on this drought-resistant shrub can be any shade from white to pink to red. Aloes are known for their water carrying abilities in their fat leaves. Hydroponics is a dirt-free water-based method of growing your plants.

If youre growing an aloe plant in full sun youll need to water more frequently. Yes you read that right. They require very little care but you will need to water them during a dry spell because they need a lot of water.

Due to its dark-green foliage the plant has the capacity to store the absorbed water in its thick tuber leaves and fleshy stems. As tough as it is beautiful Red Aglaonema is a great choice for anyone who wants a stylish houseplant that doesnt require a fuss to keep it looking good. Pelargonium peltatum the ivy leafed pelargonium or commonly a geranium.

WhereWhen to plant it. You can enjoy the sweet scent of the flowers on hot sunny days. Cast-iron plant Wikimedia Much like its name suggests this low-growing plant with wide flats leaves can stand up to tough conditions like an owner who often forgets to pick up the watering can.

Below a list of indoor plants you can grow soilless. Plants to buy that dont like a lot of water. Lavender plant doesnt require much water to grow and hits good aroma when blooms.

Air plants can grow literally anywhereno soil needed. These dont grow too great in water. I hope youll get one or two and experience the feeling of life they add to your space.

The ZZ plant needs water to start off and establish itself. These are really cool plants says Fleming-Barnhardt. The snake plants other name is mother-in-laws tongue.

These low-water flowering shrubs dont need much water to survive. Everyones favorite trailing plant philodendrons are known for their heart-shaped leaves and are notoriously difficult to kill. It grows well in the ground or in pots and a great choice if you live near the ocean.

We love them propped up on a shelf or hanging mid-air. You just water inside the top of the plant and let the water pool there The drought-tolerant bromeliad only needs to be watered when the top two inches of soil feel dry. Put your thumb on the top layer and if it appears dry only then water the plant.

It can cope without much water and without much light too. Red Aglaonema produces gorgeous red-and-green foliage and thrives in bright to low light conditions just keep it out of direct sun. So watch your fingers.

With its unique foliage that looks like ears of a bunny it can be a great houseplant. Youll need a spot that can provide bright light at least half. They can survive though.

One suggestion from experience dont leave this plant in a pot for too many years. This gives them the ability to remain for 2-3 weeks without water. Bougainvillea This plant is at its showiest when it doesnt have a lot of water or fertilizer.

Air plants still arent as mainstream as they deserve to be though theyre slowly growing in popularity. With this potential the plant can go for weeks and weeks without water. Lavender can be planted in the small pot springs blooms in the drought soil.

Not only cacti need less water but they are also low-maintenance and easy to grow. It can be planted in the pot drains excess water.

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