Reduce Wood Mites

Dust mites love moisture so air out your bed during the day which will reduce the amount of moisture and humidity in your bed. Clearing unnecessary picture frames ornaments piles of paper stacks of books and other unused items will not only make your house look organized but also reduce dust mite populations.

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Reduce wood mites. Tips to reduce dust mites in your home. Vapor steam cleaning has been shown to kill dust mites and is suitable for many kinds of upholstery. Get rid of moisture and mold.

The covers must be washed every two months. They should be open in warm weather. Remove wall-to-wall carpeting to help with dust mite allergies especially in bedrooms.

Are mold mites harmful. Its important to try to reduce the itch with medication ice or other treatments. Plastic wood or leather furniture that doesnt have much padding can help keep down the number of dust mites in your home.

They wont invade a snake cage or humidor themselves because as soon as theyve consumed all the wood mites they die off in a matter of days. Vacuuming can assist in removing dust mites though not in a significant percentage. Dust mites do well where humidity is greater than 50 but do not do well in dry conditions.

Do I need to see a doctor. A dehumidifier can also help reduce moisture in a basement. Getting rid of wood mites may require several applications of pesticide.

Available at many gardening supply stores and online the hypoaspis mite is a predatory mite that will quickly consume the wood mites. Buy a dehumidifying unit to reduce moisture in the air and ensure that there is adequate ventilation in the sofa area. Dust mites love living in an environment where the temperature is between 75F and 80F 24C and 27C and the relative humidity is around 70 to 80.

Remove carpeting and other dust mite habitats. Check the crawlspace vents. If you have pets keep them out of the bedroom if possible as dust mites love pet dander and your pet will carry the mites from room to room.

People are allergic to dust mite droppings not the dust mites themselves. Dust mites need humidity to survive so it makes sense to do what you can to reduce the humidity in your home. Mite bites often cause severe itching but scratching can lead to infection.

Reduce the amount of clutter in your home. Replace with bare floors such as linoleum tile vinyl wood or anti-allergenic carpet. Carpeting provides a comfortable habitat for dust mites.

Dust mites are visible only through a microscope. Outlook If youre allergic to dust mites continued exposure to dust mites can certainly be uncomfortable. Anything that collects dust attracts dust mites and clutter is one such thing.

Knick-knacks books and plants collect a lot of dust. Replace carpeting with wood tile linoleum or vinyl flooring if possible. Keep the house aired out and dry.

To be exact researchers have pinpointed the temperature that is optimal for dust mites to be within 20 to 25-degree Celcius. To eliminate mites in the outdoors identify the specific type of mite that has infested the area. If possible replace wall-to-wall bedroom carpeting with tile wood linoleum or vinyl flooring.

Anything outside this range wont necessarily kill them but will push them outside their comfort zone and slow down their breeding. Keep the humidity in your home low by using a dehumidifier. Piles of damp wood and behind moist tree bark.

Like humans dust mites are comfortable in an environment that is neither too cold or warm. Ideal Temperature to Reduce Dust Mites. Mold mites are very tiny insects that feed exclusively on fungal growth.

Reduce or increase The Temperature. More specifically the mold that usually grows in these conditions. If there is moisture on basement walls specialists at the home store can recommend ways to waterproof them.

Other ways that help in getting rid of dust mites include steaming wood floors carpets lowering humidity level washing bedding with hot water are among others. This is especially true if carpeting is over concrete which holds moisture easily and provides a humid environment for mites. First of all the clue to dealing with wood mites is their preferred place of residence.

You should also reduce the number of ornamental cushions on beds and sofas. Cover mattresses pillows and quilts with dust mite resistant covers. Allergy to dust mites is a year-round problem.

The mold eating bugs easily migrate from one wet spot to another where they quickly multiply. Carpet is a haven for dust mites especially if it sits on concrete which holds moisture and provides a humid environment for dust mites. The common factor is moisture.

Standard pesticides are often used to control some types of mites while other species can be controlled by spraying garden plants with water. Outdoors mold mites live on decaying plants rotting wood and even bird nests. Here are some methods that are great in putting a stop to the growth of dust mites.

This however can only be done by using a cleaner that has a HEPA filter system. You must not only reduce your dust mite population but also take steps to remove their dead bodies and faeces from your home. The Orkin Man is trained to help manage psocids and similar pests.

Theyre sometimes called moisture mites because they thrive in damp areas.

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