Should My Desk Ever Face A Mirror

Dont face any of the 4 bad directions as per your kua number. They can be simple and subdued or artful ornate statement pieces.

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If there is absolutely no way you can move your desk try this Feng Shui remedy.

Should my desk ever face a mirror. But its always best to move your desk into a more optimal feng shui desk placement. Oval and round shaped mirrors should be avoided. Heres one of my favorite vanity mirrors from Anthropologie.

Quick Vastu tips Square and rectangular mirrors are good for the house. BLOOMimage Getty Images The Best Feng Shui Desk Color. East South North And South East are good for you if your kua numbers are 1 3 4 or 9.

The 2nd option is to place it opposite my desk it would be an eyecather when entering the room however would not directly hang opposite the. However when theyre placed at the end of a hallway they can slow down the flow of energy in your house. On the other hand they can be great on landings of small staircases to help widen the space.

Face your lucky direction. Typically a final pit stop to check your look before you run out the door mirrors serve an important function in most homes. If your boss isnt willing to accept furniture rearrangement in the name of chi Cerrano says that arranging a small mirror on your desk to reflect the offices entrance is the next best thing.

Mirrors should not face the entrance or the entry gate of the house as they reflect the energy entering the house. Vastu Tips for office Table – Your worktable should be a regular shape such as a square or a rectangle. I often see the shades closed in office situations like this just to shut out the light.

According to Vastu if there is a mirror in the bedroom then it should not face the bed. The office table shall not be placed between two walls or you will back the corners which is harmful to your luck. I repeat do not try it.

The safe should face the north-east direction to improve finances and overall prosperity. Youre also facing directly towards a wall which can limit growth. Color is big in feng shui as it is the easiest almost instant way to create a specific quality of energy.

Ideally no mirror should be hung so low that it cuts off the tallest household members head doing so may cause headaches. My back would face the mirror I would be sitting directly at the wall where the mirror is. Also the mirror which can reflect will take your good fortune away.

The office table shall not be placed with the right side facing the door or your work will be disturbed by people in and out leading to poor work efficiency and. Place a mirror on the wall or desk in front of you making sure it reflects the doorway behind you. According to feng shui mirrors placed in the hallway are generally seen as a positive.

The mirror shall not face the bed which means the bed end shall not be placed with a mirror. It needs to be pleasing and comfortable so youll actually feel inspired to work and get things done. An ideal table is one that has.

Choose office cubicle wisely. Face your desk towards the door Desk placement is also very important in Feng Shui. I am begging and warning you.

Therefore placing a bunch of French lavender flowers or green jade flowers on the reception desk will surround the space with positivity thereby attracting prosperity. Place a vanity mirror on your desk so that you can easily see the door behind you. If you havent please do not try it out.

However there are a few guidelines that you should follow when hanging. If your office is set up in this way you can place mirrors on the walls behind your desk to expand your view and correct being out of command. Make sure you are facing one of your good direction as per your kua number.

I hope by the end of reading this I have convinced you as to why you should not try this. Also your privacy will be exposed. L-shaped or irregularly shaped tables are not auspicious.

This way you no one can sneak up on you and your nervous system will feel more relaxed. Here are the best colors for a good feng shui desk but you should take care to choose what works for your energy and your line of work. If this is the case for you create good business financial Chi energy by turning your desk around to face the room in the Command Position.

If conditions permit you should face the corners directly. You know that experiment where you stare into the mirror at your own eyes and hold the gaze until you start seeing your face go all weird. Desk facing direction rules.

Feng Shui puts you in Command with a feeling of safety and security and the solution is both simple and effective. Your work may also be harder to focus on because your desktop and computer are backlit by the light from the window. Mirrors have a variety of uses in the home such as reflecting light opening up space and generally enhancing the decor.

The reception area of the office creates a lasting impression for first-time visitors. For myself I think Ill continue my habit of keeping my bathroom door closed at night and reaching in to flip the light on before opening the door all the way. If a mirror faces the bed directly you waking up from the sleep in fuzzy awareness will be easily scared by yourself in the mirror.

The mirror would reflect a wall with a picuture directly opposite the mirror and a southward nice view thru windows.

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