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The east-facing front door suggests that the sun rises in the east symbolizing vitality. Toilets bath rooms bed rooms mandir main door etc and cutsextensions in.

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South east facing main door. Wo stickers of Gayatri Mantra should be fixed on both the sides of the door from outside. Main door or Entrance in South East. For a south facing apartment the Main door could be positioned in the South east corner of the flat.

The south-facing front door suggests the north based will play the commanding role and it is suitable for politicians entrepreneurs religionists merchants celebrities etc. South-East Vastu is equally important to. The main door should always be in the north north-east east or west as these directions are considered auspicious.

Avoid having the main door in the south south-west north-west north side or south-east east side directions. East-Facing Front Doors. I n order to understand the concept of pada imagine and divide the South length of the house from the South-East SE corner to the South-West SW corner into 9 equal parts.

Feng Shui Front Door Facing East Direction Guide. This will negate the dosha created by the wrong direction slope. Grey white and metallic colors are ideal for a west facing house entrance.

18 If there is a well or pond in lower south-east it is considered bad. South will be positioned at the front of your house preferably the front door or yang side if facing direction isnt at front of house. Increase height of floor so that the floor slopes toward North and not to South.

In order to apply Vastu the major key role is played by the main door direction of a house. In a South facing house the entrance or main door of the house must be located on the 4 th pada of the south side. Can you please let me know your services to help us with the SE Vasthu dosha.

This will enable the sun light from the east to flow freely all over the flat. The only thing to note is whether the front door is a sunken shape because the sunken shape front door can easily make the house lack of vitality and have an impact on the health of the occupants. If your front door faces either east or southeast you are very fortunate.

From the center part of the southern wall and up to the extreme end of south east corner is also suitable for the main door. This kind of direction is suitable for businessmen. South East Facing House Vastu is one great science of architecture which has the power to channelize the universal cosmic energy into one successful life span.

Always ensure that your entrance is exactly in the middle and not in the south-east or north-east as these two corners are considered unlucky for placing the main door in the east-facing property according to Vastu. And if you live in a south east facing house and the main door has to be at the front of the house instead of from the side this natal shows that the southeast and east would be acceptable as opposed to what 8 mansions indicate. A door in the south or south-west can be corrected by using a lead metal pyramid and lead helix.

20 If the vacant space is more in west than in east the owner is ought to suffer pain and financial loss. These doors greatly benefit from design details that express the feng shui element of wood as it is the governing element of the east feng shui direction. On the wall outside the house facing under ground water tank.

Place four vastu pyramids one each in North South East and West of home. South Going through Home Vastu. Vastu for east-facing main door.

The south area looks like a total. The door facing South East is said to be a door which brings in illness anger and court matters. It is the most yang male dynamic energy that embraces your home on a daily basis.

21 The main door facing south with east-north as border is highly inauspicious. Read detailed Vastu tips for main entrance door. Whether to locate a door here is a decision that you have to make for yourself.

Now that you know your kua number and which group west group or east group it is in you can determine if a south-facing home is your ideal feng shui home. Understand the South East facing house as per vastu. 19 The gate in south south-east or in north south-east is inauspicious.

An east-facing front door has a compass reading from 675 to 1125 degrees. A southeast or southeast-facing door is a door with a compass reading from 1125 to 1575. The suns rising energy is very luminous and auspicious.

Place 3 vastu pyramids one each on either side and one at top center of main door. Choose shades of red maroon brown and orange while doing the Vastu for home entrance for a south facing house. The feng shui element of the Southeast direction is the Wood element and the corresponding feng shui bagua energy is money abundance.

For an East facing house use shades of green and brown as per Vastu. South dealing with home is one during which the primary entrance door opens on to the southAs indicated by Vastu Shastra all course impression equally home Vastu nevertheless the first passage must be within the north or east-facing course for essentially the most excessive benefit of the householdOn the off likelihood that youve a south-facing home do. Cut in South East.

The front door facing the east according to Feng Shui is basically safe. You can determine the direction your door faces using a compass app on a smartphone or a conventional compass. If there is a slope in the southeast direction then lift the floor and build a slope in the north-east.

The main entrance should have sufficient and proper lighting. Its an East facing property with the following SE – Main door facing East SW – Master Bedroom NW – StoreDining NE – Bedroom SE also has a balcony and an underwater sump. Each part is called as pada or step in Vastu Shastra.

If you have an east-facing home take caution while placing the main door entrance.

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