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Some masters suggest that the size of the mirror should be proportional to the strength of the Sha energy. The finger is a direct link to the heart and according to some experts in the mysticism and scientific properties of gems it is the energy of the gems that transfers itself from the stone into the body.

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You should activate and energize it through proper poojas before you wear it.

Stones tocure vastu. Why is North East Direction Powerful in Vastu Shastra. Which color crystal should use. Its color is red and is a hot stone.

Gomati chakra tree is kept in pooja room and worshipped to get energy from sun and is believed to give a positive effect on our body which helps to cure many internal diseases and gives us a good health. This highly auspicious Locket of Sri Ganesha is made up of natural Tiger Stone. Know Vastu Shastra – Vastu Shastra is the science of prosperity.

All these things damage the reputation of family. Besides these honey-coloured stones are known to cure mental and physical ailments owing to their healing power. Finance health wealth marriage lucks and stablity in life is most important aspects of this corner.

Crystals are very important in our life and these are transparent stones that represent Earth element and increases the power of positive energy. The ruling planet of this corner is Rahu and since Rahu governs luck finance health and stability hence any vastu dosh defect in this very important South West part of home leads to troubles and problems in one or all of the above mentioned aspects of life. Prolonged use of Ruby may have adverse effect on a person.

For specific crystals there are different place as per Vastu and you should consult a Vastu expert before placing crystals in any direction. Available in vibrant colours such as white grey red earthy brown yellow-gold blue and black Vastu experts suggest that this gemstone can help remove defects from house. Crystals are of the biggest gift from nature.

Problems Caused by South West Vastu Doshas. Amethyst is useful in insomnia and nightmares. Southwest is most important direction in vastu shastra.

Dimensions of the natural chakra healing gomati gomti stone fortune vastu bonsai tree are. These tools represent different energy-some of healing powers some are wealth enhancers and some are for harmony. This has no side effects.

Some of the problems caused by these doshas have been listed below. Brahmasthan Ever since the concept of Vastu Shastra came into limelight various researches and innovations have been conducted to bring out the best of its utilities. Each vastu direction has its advantages and disadvantages.

In Vastu Shastra there are many types of stones metals crystals and yantras are used to enhance the flow of energy as well as to cure Vastu defects. South West is one of the most important direction as per vastu shastra. Vastu Shastra is the science of architecture buildings structures and directions.

Natural amethyst healing stone pyramid for reiki healing crystal healing numerology tarot astrology vastu and angle healing and feng shui. Also similar to Sharp Sha stone lions can be used if the Sha energy is strong using Earth to weaken Fire. It is also highly effective to improve self-confidence.

Wearing amethyst protects one from all kinds of negative energies. You should wear it embedded in gold on the ring finger on a Sunday. North East is the direction of God and hence is considered the most auspicious direction in vastu shastra.

The crystal can be found with made of different ethnic stone which are sporadically used to cure and yield its mystic support. If you use it wisely it will bring positive changes to your life. Ruby is said to have effects on the name fame vigor virtue warmth and the capacity to command to its user.

18 cm X 7 cm X 23 cm and weighs approximately 538 grams. Since Vastu compliant homes are built considering the natural elements the same principles are used to balance or harmonize the energies from the cosmos the sun moon earth light and wind. On diseases front – It helps to cure peptic ulcer fever rheumatism gout etc.

Some believe that gems have the power to cure diseases both physical and metaphysical. Benefits of Vastu Shastra at home Harmonizes Energy. Crystal is most common remedy or measure of Vastu correction that have been used by many people to keep the negative vibes away from home surrounding.

They also attract good luck and harmonise relationships. Ruling planet in this direction is rahu uranus element is earth. To cure Childrens every day problem like lack of concentration being stubborn careless in study and ill health etc.

Before you start understanding North East vastu doshas or defects we want you to understand the simple and easy reason as to why North East direction is considered so powerful in vastu shastra. Just like the Sharp Sha the go-to cure for Corner Sha is the Bagua mirror. Any defect concerning any of the vastu direction of a home has a direct effect on the people living in it.

It is the sun stone it helps bureaucracy and people in administrative positions. The Vastu crystals can be found with variety of ethnic stones which are used to cure and energize the home by generating its spiritual support. Its not only the shape and size effects the cure the color of the crystal also matters.

Vastu Remedies For South Facing house. It helps in making the place best and friendly to live or work. Vastu shastra is an ancient art of constructing a home as per vastu to make our lives peaceful and secure.

The Vastu crystals can be found with a variety of ethnic stones which are used to cure and energize the home by generating its spiritual support. Again I have my doubts on these cures. Amethyst is the crystal for crown and 3rd eye chakra.

So it is always better to check with a vastu expert. It act as a proven remedy. Problems in family like unhealthy marriage children indulging in bad habits infidelity in marriage.

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