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Vastu tips for conferencemeeting rooms. People are willing to pay more to invest or stay in Vastu friendly homes.

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But thats not the case.

Vastu compliant. Again for an already constructed house check with a Vastu professional how to include this feature or ways to dillute the negative effects of a wrong one already in place. We are presently cooking facing south we can at best change it in such a way that we face west while cooking. Marble is considered sacred so use this only in your pooja room and living room.

But if your home is not Vastu-compliant dont worry. Ever wondered what does Vastu compliant mean. Invest in these simple Vastu decorative items that are not just auspicious but also pretty to look at.

Vastu Decorative Items 1. A bright and a clean house will instantly lift up your mood and it is a key to a happy healthy and prosperous home. Vastu-compliant homes have become a rage in the real estate market today.

Vastu compliant room direction. Any premises can be vastu compliant. However even though people are consciously looking for such homes rarely do they know the significance of each vastu feature.

Keep these floors clean and tidy. West Facing House What Vastu Shastra Says About It. Nowadays vastu has become a major deciding factor for buying a home.

We usually see or hear about accidents people buying cars and spending huge amounts of money on regular maintenance and servicing or the car being an overall burden rather than a convenience. According to Vastu the best direction to have a conference or meeting room is the north-west. A vast majority of home buyers more than 90 of them actually look for Vaastu compliant homes.

Vastu compliant homes by considering the five elements promise to give a living space that is free of garbage and other clutter may help you revive your body mind and soul much. In the present day the number of Vaastu experts in our country is second only to the number of cricket experts and just like the latter they have strongly differing opinions on what rules and principles one must follow to ensure Vaastu Shastra compliance. Most of all such properties rather adhere to Vastu principles.

It d escribe s principles of design layout measurements ground preparation space arrangement and spatial geometry. Here I must tell you that vastu shastra never claims that North is a good direction to orient a home. Why should our Garage be Vastu Compliant.

A Vastu compliant kitchen helps in balancing the energies in and around the place and also keeps the prying eyes away from the house. This in turn will always have positive effect on you as residents and you will prosper be successful experience abundance and peace always. It is a planning oriented process which involves various steps.

You can also plan a waiting room in this area. Rameshwar Prasad director of Vastu International elucidates Vastu is an ancient science of architecture through which a congenial setting can be made in a residence or workplace. Vastu shastra more commonly known as Vastu is a traditional Indian system of architectur e.

You might have heard from many people I can call them ill-informed people that living in a South direction property is bad or living in a West facing one is always going to invite troubles in life etc. Sushil Pawaskar October 14 2006. The correct location for a room ensures that you benefit the most from that room.

Theres no denying that home trends and the demands of home buyers keep changing with time. A living room in a Vastu compliant home. Vastu garage car parking direction Save.

Take care that the garage slope is vastu compliant. The main Vastu compliant house tips for living room North Center and East are good regions for the living room while West and East are ideal for study rooms. Each room has a positive or negative effect on the lives of inhabitants of the house depending on the zone in which it is located.

This direction is also suggested for marketing and sales staff as they require motivation for improving their performance. But if there is one trend in the real estate market that has been steadily on the rise it is the Vaastu compliance of the property. We hope you believe in the fact that food prepared with good vibes brings in positivity and that made in haste with negative vibes transfer negativity.

It is widely believed by people and hence architects consider their projects to be compliant with Vastu before proceeding further with construction. Vastu tips for choosing office furniture. Please advise which is better.

The living room should face east north or north-east. Plants can never fail to create a relaxed and soothing environment. Statistics show that Vastu compliant properties are sold far quickly and probably at a better price.

Considering the dependency and beliefs of the Indian inhabitants on the principles of Vastu-shastra real estate developers are now building homes and apartments that are Vastu compliant. You dont have to go for a complete renovation. Alternatively a north-west-facing living room is also favourable.

What you get is a vastu compliant home which has the capability of ridding negative energy and accepting and even enhancing only the positive energies. Heavy furniture should be kept in the west or south-west direction of the living room. West would be better for cooking than South.

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