Vastu For Home Entrance

Main entrance towards the east of south east is a negative Vastu location. Vastu for Home Entrance Tips.

Want To Correctly Locate The Entrance Of Your West Facing House Here S An Infographic That Ll Tell You How To West Facing House Vastu House Vastu Shastra

Make sure you keep your entrance well lit.

Vastu for home entrance. Vastu for the Main Entrance. Any T junction or dead end road towards the east of south east is a major vatu defectFix three vastu Copper Triangular Helix behind the door or under the door plate to rectify the defect. Vastu for home entrance design refers to the main entrance as the archway to victory and progress in life.

Keep your entrance well lit. It is prudent for every home to have a raised threshold and doormat just outside the main entrance. The main door is a transition zone through which we enter the house from the outer world.

The Vastu Shastra principles for your home entrance mandate the best directions for your home site. To increase positivity you can also place Vastu pyramids plants and wind chimes around the entrance of your home. South East Entrance Vastu The entrance of a house is very important as it determines whether the vibes entering the house are positive or negative.

Power of the Threshold At the threshold. How can you identify the direction of your house as per Vastu. Main door Vastu has been accorded the highest priority when it comes to the overall Vastu of a house.

It is a place from where happiness and good luck enters the home says Mumbai-based Vastu consultant Nitien Parmar. Consequently the main entrance has been accorded prime. 3 rd 4 th 5 th or 6 th on the West side.

Having said this it is obvious that if more negative energies are entering a home from main door then people in the house will not prosper. Now as per vastu for West oriented house the main door of the home can be located in any of the four padas ie. Vastu Main Door Home -the main door or entrance main gate should always in auspicious direction for home or office.

According to Vastu Shashtra your homes main entrance has a lot to do with the energies inside your house as its the point from where energies flow in and out. Use a wooden door to remove. This is the entry point for positive energy moving into your home and your life.

Stand at your homes entrance door as if you were walking out. It can be concealed in the door frame also. The slightly raised threshold acts as a barrier to negative energies and they bounce away from the entrance itself.

Keep Vastu Symbols at Home To decrease the negative effects of south west entrance houses Vastu shastra recommends painting Om Trishul and Swastika symbols on the sides and tops of all doors in the house. Vastu For Home Entrance 3. According to Vastu for home the entrance of a house in the south east direction is considered a Vastu defect.

The world is made up of energy. The main entrance of a house or a flat or apartment is the actual transit point from where. The main door of your home is not only the general entry point for the family but also for energy all the right energies and that is why keeping the Vastu for main doors in check.

In fact most Vastu experts unequivocally accept that the Vastu for home entrance holds the highest weight-age when it comes to the longevity of the structure as well as the happiness of the residents. As weve said earlier its the entrance of the house that has got the highest importance in vastu shastra and West facing home is not an exception.

An entrance like this creates a feeling of depression and brings in negative energy. The entrance of the house brings in the main energy. Use a compass to check the direction while you are still in the above-mentioned position.

Vastu Shastra has great importance for entrance door in a home as this is the place from where energies either positive or negative enter and exit a house. While positive energies coming into the home from the entrance door bring well-being and prosperity negative energies have the opposite effect. Vastu Shastra lays lots of emphasis on the main entrance of the house.

We enter and exit the house from the outside world to inside home and the place which brings all the happiness and good luck it makes the main entrance hold prime importance. Read on to find out more about the vastu of the main entrance of your home. It also decides whether the house is auspicious or not.

Get an advice from Saral Vaastu from our vastu experts for main door entrance of your house. The entrance of the home is not just there to welcome the family and guests but it is also the entry and exit point for the energy. Vastu Shastra is an ancient guide for a positive home right from the entrance of a house to the bedroom kitchen bathroom outdoors and courtyard.

This is the direction that your home faces. Whether positive or negative energy affects the life of the inhabitants of the home. Vastu for Main Door plays an important role for any home to attract happiness and success.

Many homes have entrances that do not receive ample amount of light thereby making the area look dark and dingy and unwelcoming. According to Vastu Shastra the main door of a home is not only the entry point for the family but also for energy. If you noted North in the compass your home is North.

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