Vastu For Home

It is an ancient architectural science fostering a safe and optimistic home right from the homes main entrance to the living room kitchen bedrooms puja Ghar toilet and other places inside the house. The main entrance of the house is one of the most important areas.

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Almost all the energy that enters your house comes in through the entrance or main door.

Vastu for home. Along with the living room the bedroom is also an essential space in your home. A home is a place where we go for comfort and warmth. Vastu shastra is all about balancing and adjusting the energies of the nature to bring peace and prosperity to your home and eventually in your life.

Following its practices brings harmony peace prosperity and health in life. WHAT IS VASTU SHASTRA. Sometimes incorporating traditional Hindu and even Buddhist religious beliefs the theories of Vastu provide ideas and concepts for making a.

Hence what better way to invite positivity into your home than getting the vastu for home entrance right. These energies can be adjusted to upgrade peace prosperity and achievements. We all are emotionally attached to our home and therefore it is our duty to protect it from any negative influence.

Consequently the main entrance has been accorded prime. It is a place from where happiness and good luck enters the home says Mumbai-based Vastu consultant Nitien Parmar. The main door is a transition zone through which we enter the house from the outer world.

Here are a few simple Vastu tips you can follow at home effortlessly. Since the Main door is the entry for the energies in the house keep it clean and decorated for attracting wealth. Since you have the freedom to build it from scratch.

So to get a true understanding of the influences of your home and the types of activities that are best supported there. And vastu is a great way to harness positive energy present in the environment. Hindu Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian architecture of house and apartments.

Whereas it is really easy and simple to follow. Vastu Shastra is centuries-old wisdom and is known to bring peace and happiness to your home. With independent houses it becomes even more easier to follow basic vastu for home.

A house number of 123 is a 6 house and it is a 6 house that also has the influence of 1. The meaning of vastu is dwelling which is the home for god and humans. Many make Vastu sound really complicated and difficult to follow.

According to Vastu Shastra the main door of a home is not only the entry point for the family but also for energy. Vastu shastra depends on different energies that originates from atmosphere like solar energy from sun cosmic energy lunar energy thermal energy magnetic energy light energy wind energy. This is why people apply Vastu for home and make their place a heaven on earth.

According to vastu shastra the entrance to a house is not meant just for people but also for energy. Best of Home Office Vastu Tips Explore Vastu direction for a work desk Vastu for computer in-home and Vastu Home Office Decoration to bring Luck and Success in your career growth. According to Vastu Shastra your doorway should face towards north direction east direction or north-east direction.

Vastu for home is a collective approach what I mean here is that if you do vastu for all rooms and parts of a home then complete home automatically becomes as per vastu. Basic Vastu for Home Tip 1. The entrance of the house brings in the main energy.

Read on to find out more about the vaastu of the main entrance. Kitchen is the food factory of our home and it needs to be in perfect balance because the two opposite force of nature fire and water exist here. The meaning of vastu is dwelling which is the home for god and humans.

Vastu for the Courtyard. Vastu Shastra can help you in resolving the Doshas present in your home. Brahmasthan is a unique feature of ancient Indian architecture based on Vastu Shastra.

If you are going for a new home then avoid buying south facing home or a home facing west. FOR VASTU NUMEROLOGY COURSES – CLICK HERE. Vastu shastra is based on various energies that comes from atmosphere like solar energy from sun cosmic energy lunar energy thermal energy magnetic energy light energy wind energy.

Cosmic Centre of the Home. Read these tips on how you can get a vastu-friendly home. Is your dining table your new work desk.

Hence keeping your home Vastu compliant is very important. Vastu Tips for Financial Prosperity At Home. The year 2020 has come with many surprises especially for our lifestyle.

It makes us feel special because we are always welcomed there. Why is Vastu for Home so Important. But before you begin to learn simple and easy steps for doing vastu for your home.

Direction plays a key role in Vastu and has a vital role in influencing the magnetic field and gravitational. 1 Look at the house number or apartment number – ie. Are you working from home.

It is the centre of your abode and is considered to be the holiest and most powerful zone of the house. Vastu is an ancient Indian science that combines the benefits of the five elementsEarth Water Fire Air and Space from nature and helps in creating a balance between them and humans. Direction of the House.

Literally translating to the science of architecture Vastu Shastra lays down the principles of design layout measurements ground preparation space arrangement and spatial geometry for a home or any built-up structure. These Vastu Shastra tips which is actually the Vastu guide of the house include the Vastu knowledge of the kitchen Vastu tips of the room and master room Vaastu instructions of the worship room and the use of the correct home Vastu. That means when you step out of your house you must be facing towards the north east or north-east direction.

Directions for Vastu Entrance. People are still trying to imbue this house with tons of love and constructive energies and what is easier than structuring a home according to Vastu Shastras theory.

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