Vastu Home Facing North West

Vastu Tips for North West facing Plots and Properties. Avoid buying a plot which is higher in the north than in the south.

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Answer Dec 4.

Vastu home facing north west. May it be a direction for the career or road or plot it is important to choose the right direction for a healthy successful and happy life. North West Facing House Vastu Vastu shastra believes that the northwest facing houses are ruled by the Moon and hence the effects are supposed to be attended with care. The pooja room in west facing houses should be on north or east wall confirming that there is no kitchen or toilet behind the wall.

Vastu for North-West Facing House Property Plot Kitchen Main Door Entrance Bedroom – Wind element is located in the north-west zone. However a plot which slopes from south to north is considered auspicious. This direction should be constructed according to Vastu rules so as to have good effects on occupants.

I must tell you that as per vastu shastra none of the direction is considered bad. Also as per same vastu shastra its the placement of main doorentrance and other rooms of a home that makes it auspicious or inauspicious. West facing house Vastu is an interesting topic to dwell upon.

Do not let wastewater outlets be placed in the south or north. It is the centre of your abode and is considered to be the holiest and most powerful zone of the house. A house with North West entrance could get you money inflow at a very high speed but the outflow is f aster than the speed of inflowThese houses are always.

Moreover the idol or photos of gods should be placed in such a manner that one faces the east or north while praying. However a huge. Cosmic Centre of the Home.

It is believed that north facing house vastu and east facing house vastu are the most auspicious ones and you should look for south facing house vastu link the respective links on them or west facing house vastu only and if only you cannot get the previous ones. Remember it can be your lucky direction. Directions play an important role in life.

Do not have toilets positioned in the north-eastern corner or even a bedroom. If there is a mirror in the room ensure it is placed on the north wall. Will North west facing house be lucky for you.

First and second choices being North and East oriented houses respectively. North facing house Vastu tips. Vastu for north-facing homes.

The Air or Vayu. Most importantly you can synergise your home to the optimum levels of positivity and balance it by meticulously following these well-researched west houses facing Vastu tips. No toilets bedrooms or kitchens should be in the north-east corner.

In west facing homes Vastu rather showers you with prosperity and you see a monetary as well as non-monetary gain in your life. In fact vastu shastra never says that one direction is good and another one is bad. Please tell me the best option of sink and which side should be face while cooking.

For them these two are the most auspicious directions followed by West facing houses. My kitchen is in north-east and my home face is south side. Do not settle for the main entrance in the north-west direction.

A North facing house or an East facing house as per Vastu is the most preferred choice of most people. North-West kitchen facing west. West facing houses are or I should say have somehow become third choice for people.

We prepared this link to clear many doubts in our society and to understand about house vastu information which is important to read the content. Vastu for the Courtyard. Bathroom Vastu For West Facing House.

This is because a west facing house is generally the third choice for most people. Dear sir please help me to set up stone slap of cooking in my kichen. In a north-facing property there are several things you must avoid.

This can benefits with health wealth and prosperity if other construction is supported by other Vaastu Shastra principlesOnly thing is to keep in mind the male member of the house may remain away from the house for a longer time if the door faces West and a Benefits of Northwest Facing House Read More. If the house facing northwest is not vastu compliant it may lead to friction in personal life. Vastu tips for west-facing homes.

Staircases should not be built in the northern side particularly between the 1 st and 5 th padas. Avoid having septic tanks in this corner as well. North-west facing plots are good for children to be born and help ease delivery in women whereas any defect in this direction can lead to abortion and other mishaps in women.

North Facing House What Vastu Shastra Says About It. Brahmasthan is a unique feature of ancient Indian architecture based on Vastu Shastra. Some vastu people also thought about this may be west facing house vastu or even some experts also unknowingly treated NW direction as north facing house vastu.

Anokhi Mehra from Vastu Designs a Bhopal-based consultancy shares some Vastu Shastra tips for west-facing homes that every household should keep in mind. Here are some dos and donts for your north facing house Vastu plan. Pooja Room Vastu For West Facing House.

Get advice from Saral Vaastu expert on north west facing house to ensure the success peace and prosperity. North West facing house is not so bad. A House with North West Entrance.

West facing house vastus are often considered as least favoured choice when people look forward to buy their own place. More on North and East oriented home vastu North Face Home Vastu East Face Home Vastu The reason for a West facing home to become third choice for many people is the belief or rather misbelief that all West.

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