Vastu House Directions

How to Choose Directions and Sub-direction in Vastu to Build a Home. There is no one Vastu direction that suits every aspect of life.

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We understand the importance of sub-directions.

Vastu house directions. Direction of the house is the direction your main door faces. Vastu Directions – North उततर दशUttar dishaNorth Westउततर पशचम दशNorth Eastउततर-परव दशSouthदकषण दशSouth West. Similarly in Vastu Shastra cardinal and intercardinal directions play vital roles.

According to a number of traditional beliefs each home comes with its own energy type. Vedic Vastu Shastra describes the importance of Ashtadhik Balakars or Guards of Directions. In Vastu shastra the directions are the very most prominent and important subject.

Vastu Directions – Directions play an important role in Vastu. So we have given special names to them. And there you are the direction that you have just noted in step 2 is the direction your house faces.

Vastu for Home A Comprehensive House Vastu Guide. A sub direction means a direction arising the union of two directions. Vastu for house is a very important when it comes to designing or constructing a house.

This direction is a mixture of all qualities of both the directions. How can you identify the direction of your house as per Vastu. Vastu may affect even if you are living in a rented house.

Record the direction you are facing using a compass while you are in the position mentioned in step 1. The Arrangements of the Rooms and other objects if done up as per the proper directions. Directions play an important role in Vastu Shastra.

These are found in between the main directions and are said to have the qualities of both the directions each of them falls between. East West North South Northeast Southeast Northwest SouthWest are the directions that are most important in vastu Shastra. Trees should be planted in the west south and south-west directions.

Stand at the entrance door of your home facing outside as if youre going out of your home. Each direction brings a particular kind of energy vibration with it. Shortly we are releasing vastu home planshouse designs in many languages like Telugu Tamil Kannada Hindi Odiya Marathi Malayalam Bengali Gujarati.

A person dwelling in a house comes under the influence of a specific energy field which in turn influences him in one way or the other. Free Vastu Shastra Home Plans Naksha. Right knowledge of direction is very important to make a building structure according to vaastu.

To yield the best results in your home Vastu Shastra asks you to worship the Lord in these eight directions. Some directions bring positivity and prosperity in life while others may bring misery and sadness. This makes the other four directions North-East South-East Sout-West and North-West.

In my last blog on I have explained How to choose the city as per the Vastu and Astrological Calculations in todays blog I will give you Vastu tips for the selection of direction and sub direction. Vastu for home is a collective approach what I mean here is that if you do vastu for all rooms and parts of a home then complete home automatically becomes as per vastu. If you are planning to build a new house or buy an old bungalow being aware of the likely effects can prepare you for what to expect since each direction has advantages and disadvantages.

Without knowing the directions of a land or house or a factory we cannot find out anything either positive or negative impacts as per Vaastu Shastra. As per Vastu Shastra their shadow should not fall on the house between 9 am and 3 pm. Stand at your homes entrance door as if you were walking out.

Before reading this link Know about How to Find Directions. November 27 2013 by Vastu Shastra Guru 148 Comments. Vastu for a Positive Home.

There are also four sub-directions known as ordinal directions. The direction which your house faces influences the energies both positive and negative which enter your home according to the ancient Indian architectural system Vastu Shastra. These are the Southeast Southwest Northwest and the Northeast.

People are confused with regard to the facing of their house. Vastu and Directions How to correctly identify the facing of your home. After selection of City to residestart a business one should look upon the various other factors like Disha.

Vastu Directions How to identify the facing direction of your home. In our vastu website we provide an option to download ready-made Vastu House Plans GharMakaan Naksha in different languages at present Vaastu home plans in two languages were ready to download. VASTU TIPS FOR HOME.

According to Vastu proper knowledge of direction is crucial to building a building structure. Often the direction of the main door is a matter of contention. Vastu Feng Shui News.

ROLE AND IMPORTANCE OF DIRECTIONS IN VASTU SHASTRA North East is the direction of Purity and divinity Vastu Shastra essentially Deals with the positioning of the House office factory along with other objects and rooms and various other things in any place according to the above mentioned directions. Ensure that there is no electronic item or iron made furniture or structure around you which can influence the compass reading. Vastu Directions Orientation of a building is important to save energy and to build a better house design which would be comfortable for living simultaneously gives positive energy good health prosperity and wealth to the occupants.

In the olden. About Eight major directions in Vastu Shastra. Stand at the center of your house facing towards the door as if youre going out of your home and keep the compass in your hand.

For a house to become a home it needs to radiate the right kind of energy.

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