Vastu Remedies For West Facing House

They should also be higher than the walls in the east and north direction. So that the energy in your house will be less.

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Some vastu people also thought about this may be west facing house vastu or even some experts also unknowingly treated NW direction as north facing house vastu.

Vastu remedies for west facing house. If you have opening in this direction the expenditure will be more than earning. More on North and East oriented home vastu North Face Home Vastu East Face Home Vastu The reason for a West facing home to become third choice for many people is the belief or rather misbelief that all West. Northwest Facing House vastu remedies this NW link explains the features merits demerits and remedies too.

Vastu remedies for south-west corner If there is a cut in the south-west direction place heavy furniture or items in this corner as it will help you in countering the negative effects. Sir My house plot is west facing can i design stair in north-west corner and go up with anti-clock direction. The entrances of West facing houses main doors have earned fewer preferences as compared to the North and the East Directions.

As a fact west-facing homes can be as auspicious as North or East-oriented ones if and only if it follows specific Vastu rules. Vastu Remedies For South Facing house. West facing houses are or I should say have somehow become third choice for people.

All these things damage the reputation of family. Southwest facing house vastu remedies in this link we can understand how this Southwest affect the residents and what are the remedies. VAASTU TIPS REMEDIES.

In this article we will discuss Vastu For West Facing Houses Main Door and their Remedies as well. Main door Vastu has been accorded the highest priority when it comes to the overall Vastu of a house. Some of the problems caused by these doshas have been listed below.

If west floor level is elevated is this good phenomenon. There are vastu remedies available for the northwest facing houses. Vastu Remedies for South-West Facing House.

The main door entrance is good other than south west. My kitchen is in west corner of the houseHOB facing north west sink facing south eastkindly provide remedy. This defect can be corrected by installing the vastu energy materials.

Vastu for south- west facing house. VASTU COSMIC ENERGY CONSULTANT. You are born with 4 favourable and 4 unfavorable direction and that is connected with your happiness and lifestyle.

Construction tip for walls of the house Buying a West-Facing Plot or Flat Vastu Shastra provides directions for buying plots. The very first choice is always been a North-East direction Whether people intend to buy a flatapartment or property. South West is one of the most important direction as per vastu shastra.

It is advisable to consult a Vaastu Expert but some useful tips and practical illustration of principles of Vaastu are given here to add to your Health Wealth Happiness and ProsperityBy using these Tips You can Change Your Destiny for the Better. Problems in family like unhealthy marriage children indulging in bad habits infidelity in marriage. West Facing House Vastu Tips and Guidelines As mentioned earlier the main entrance of the house plays big role in Vastu shastra and West facing house also does.

South western sector or Nairritya has been considered the most inauspicious direction in vaastu shaastra. However things that makes or breaks Vastu rules for a house is the location of main entrance and elemental placement in the house. Given below are some simple remedies for rectifying vaastu doshas in the southwest.

The reason why the popularity of west-facing home s is lower is the belief or rather a misbelief that all west-oriented houses are bad as per Vastu. Place beautiful and pleasant paintings of earthy elements on the walls in the south-west corner. Doing this creates a free flow of positive energy which can be quite beneficial for homes with an entrance in the south.

This article details remedies for you to follow. The ruling planet of this corner is Rahu and since Rahu governs luck finance health and stability hence any vastu dosh defect in this very important South West part of home leads to troubles and problems in one or all of the above mentioned aspects of life. Keep all electricalheat generating appliances in the SE corner of the room.

After a brief description of the vastu tips for northwest facing houses lets see if we have some concrete solution to the vastu dosha in northwest houses. Which is the best option of facing while cooking when kitchen is in north-west in house. Considering each part of the southwest facing house there is a vastu remedy for all.

Vastu Remedies for North West Facing Houses. The main entrance of a house or a flat or apartment is the actual transit point from where. Vastu Tips for South East Facing House Create Space in the North East Zone As per south west entrance Vastu you should create open spaces in the northeast area of your home.

West Facing House can be lucky for few as per Vastu and it can be decided by your birth date. Problems Caused by South West Vastu Doshas. First and second choices being North and East oriented houses respectively.

Rahu and Nirriti the planetary and directional lord of this direction. After understanding the reason behind the problems you are facing you should not make any further delay in finding the remedy for the southwest facing the house. According to the west-facing house Vastu plan you should make sure that the walls in the south and west corner of your home are thicker.

In fact most Vastu experts unequivocally accept that the Vastu for home entrance holds the highest weight-age when it comes to the longevity of the structure as well as the happiness of the residents. We prepared this link to clear many doubts in our society and to understand about house vastu information which is important to read the content.

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