Vastu Sleeping Direction

Therefore it is advisable to sleep with your head in the South if you want to have a deep heavy and. If you follow the Hindu practice of Vastu Shastra you avoid sleeping with your head pointing North.

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If you place your head to the north and stay that way for 5 to 6 hours the magnetic pull of earth which goes from south to north direction will cause pressure on your brain.

Vastu sleeping direction. Also it coordinates with the Earths magnetic field so it ensures you keep getting enriched with positive vibration and eliminated the negative ones. The Vastu Shastra the ancient Indian science of architecture places great importance on sleeping directions. Vastu sleeping direction is recommended in any of the seven Vastu Directions except North.

Vastu is believed to be with a lot of sense and in most cases there is a natural explanation to it and why to follow the favourable sleeping directions. South is the direction ruled by lord Yama the lord of death and right justice. These principles are commonly used in Indian architecture.

Each direction has its own effect on the person sleeping. According to Vastu principles people in the business or professional field can greatly benefit by sleeping with their heads facing the South. A north-to-south body position is considered the worst direction.

Sleeping with head towards the north Bed Direction to sleep as per Vastu According to Vastu rules the human body acts as a magnet with the head as its the North Pole. The best sleeping direction as per Vastu is to keep your head towards the South while sleeping. Since Vastu is based on the very principles relating to the cosmic energy from the planetary movements the energy flow from each direction differs and so does its direct impact.

The recommended sleeping direction per vastu shastra is that you lie down with your head pointed southward. According to Vastu Shastra South is the most recommended sleeping direction. As per sleeping direction vastu this is the BEST DIRECTION to keep head.

One of the Best Sleeping Direction as per Vastu and Science. As per vastu experts this is the most ideal sleeping position according to Vastu as this direction is the house of deity Yama and thus is associated with gaining wealth happiness and positivity. The following head directions are only valid for the northern hemisphere.

South is considered to be one of the best directions for sleep as per vastu shastra and it is also recommends to place your bedroom in the house. Vastu suggests some favorable sleeping directions as per the date of birth of an individual depending on which you position your bed and sleeping directions which has its own various advantages. Each direction has its own effect on the person sleeping.

To know what vastu shastra tells about the ideal sleeping direction for you let us understand the pros and cons of placing your head in individual directions. Sleeping with the head facing South direction. Sleeping with head towards South direction increases wealth happiness and prosperity.

It helps get quality sleep which makes the individual energetic and thus works to the best of the ability. When it comes to choosing a sleeping direction its believed that your bedroom interacts with the elements of the earth to affect your wellbeing. Which is the best direction to sleep as per Feng Shui.

If you live on the Southern hemisphere the opposite apply. How Does Sleeping Direction Matter According to Vastu. According to Vastu it is the worst sleeping direction and brings nightmare.

Feng shui is more concerned with the elements in the space and their effects on chi energy flow more than the direction you sleep. By choosing this sleeping direction a person can have fame prosperity and reputation. As per the teachings of Vastu the sleeping direction is of the utmost importanceVastu tells us in which direction we should sleep to live a happy and contented lifeVastu teaches us that we are always surrounded by energy which is either positive or negative.

Finding the best direction to sleep depends on if you follow Vastu Shastra or Feng Shui. Sleeping with Head in East. At the same time the energy resides within all as well.

Another best direction to sleep to have a sound and comfortable sleep is by placing the head in the West. East symbolizes mental awakening and enlightenment making it a good direction to sleep. According to Vastu by choosing the West sleep direction one gets blessed with a taste of success.

Also the quality of sleep is best when sleeping in this position. As per Vastu Shastra the south direction is the best direction to sleepThis increases wealth happiness and prosperity. If the head of a person points towards the north while sleeping North Poles of the body and Earth will repel each other affecting the blood circulation.

Sleeping Directions as Per Vastu in South West Sector. Vastu Shastra is a concept primarily concerned with space and how it works to affect health and wellness. For people living in the Northern hemisphere any direction except facing North is advisable.

We all know that the sun rises in the east. Though there is a limitation to get proper sleep you need to follow appropriate sleeping directions as per vastu that can keep you fit and fine and here in this article we are going to discuss in which direction you should sleep as per the vastu plan. Vastu sleeping direction is recommended in any of the seven Vastu Directions except North.

Since Vastu is based on the very principles relating to the cosmic energy from the planetary movements the energy flow from each direction differs and so does its direct impact. This brings good health fortune quality of sleep as well as reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Sleeping with head in East direction increases memory concentration good health and.

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