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West facing house plans are ideal for people who like enjoying the setting sun. Make the Most of West-Facing House in Feng Shui.

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For them these two are the most auspicious directions followed by West facing houses.

West facing house. West facing house allows you to enjoy the warm evening sun. Occupants of west facing house are extrovert and social hence succeed in business and financial dealings. West facing house Vastu guidelines should be carefully followed by people in professions such as teaching politics the corporate worldbusiness or even religious prieststeachers.

Pros of A West Facing House or West Facing House Advantages. These homes are considered absolutely ideal for furthering their future prospects. More on North and East oriented home vastu North Face Home Vastu East Face Home Vastu The reason for a West facing home to become third choice for many people is the belief or rather misbelief that all West.

By following simple Vastu tips for new home you can make a west-facing home auspicious and prosperous. A North facing house or an East facing house as per Vastu is the most preferred choice of most people. It depends for which region we are talking about and it is mainly dependent upon what id the climatic condition of the area which part of the house is in the west and many more like that.

North West Facing House Vastu Vastu shastra believes that the northwest facing houses are ruled by the Moon and hence the effects are supposed to be attended with care. The east-west facing homes. For that we will discuss what are the effects of a west fa.

The 3 rd 4 th 5 th or 6 th are best suited for locating the main door of the home. The main advantages of the west-facing houses are it brings more wealth and prosperity and the owner of the house doesnt have enemies. West facing houses are or I should say have somehow become third choice for people.

According to Vastu Shastra for a West facing house any of the green coloured four padas ie. First and second choices being North and East oriented houses respectively. In west-facing homes the kitchen should never be positioned in the south-west of the house.

If you are wondering what a west facing house is this is a house that is located on a plot with a road on the west side. Its highly recommended that you avoid purchasing a west-facing home that has extensions in the southwest. The prime direction for your home to face is either South Facing or East Facing.

This is because a west facing house is generally the third choice for most people. You will have to bear the full blunt of the afternoon sun and this means during the afternoon it will get super hot. West facing house Vastu is an interesting topic to dwell upon.

East West Facing Unit. In terms of practicality you dont need to be an experienced home buyer or tenant to realize that a west facing house would have the to bear the brunt of the evening sun everyday. West facing house vastus are often considered as least favoured choice when people look forward to buy their own place.

East West facing units are to put it bluntly not one of the best house facing direction that you want to look for. If you are interested in saving some money and being more energy efficient then facing the right direction will help you with this. The entrance of a West facing house can also be located in padas 1 and 2 the yellow coloured ones only if the 3rd.

Homes rarely have large windows on the side of their homes theyre usually located at the front back of the home. This can be especially uncomfortable when the living room or bedroom is located on the facing side of the house. It is direction of lord Varun.

If house is made properly as per Vastu principles it may bring wealth and prosperity to the occupants. In a west-facing house the childrens room can be planned in the south west or north-west areas whereas the guest room can be in the north-west. According to Vastu puja room and living room should be in the north-east of the house as it is the most auspicious corner.

Applying Feng Shui To A West Facing House. If the house facing northwest is not vastu compliant it may lead to friction in personal life. The west sector element is metal.

Why many people say West facing house vastu is not good what are the reasons read our research articles. One of the main advantages of the design is that it allows you to enjoy the warm evening sun. Heres a summary of the Vastu guidelines for location of the main door in West facing houses.

However nowhere does it say that West facing houses are harbingers of bad luck. A west-facing house in feng shui provides auspicious chi for the abundance and wealth of your children. It is believed that north facing house vastu and east facing house vastu are the most auspicious ones and you should look for south facing house vastu link the respective links on them or west facing house vastu only and if only you cannot get the previous ones.

A West-facing house is the one in which the main entrance door open in the West direction. East-West Facing House With an east-west facing house the intense heat will be concentrated on the front and backyard discouraging yard time with loved ones. Both of these positions receive a large amount of natural and direct light which might be a little warm in the summer depending where you live but it will help with heating costs.

East-west units are much dreaded in Singapore because they face the full force of the afternoon sun all year long. Either way there is no escaping the sun in an east-west unit. The east-side of the house is likely to get the morning sun whereas the west-side of the house is likely to get the afternoon sun.

In classical feng shui the west sector governs your descendants luck sector and can generate auspicious energy for not simply good luck but also wealth luck. Best Vastu Plan for West Facing House Colors for a West Facing House If you live in a west-facing home you should use light and bright colors to paint the walls. Similarly never place the water motors pumps or bore wells in the south-west of the home.

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