Where Should We Put Temple In House

A well a pole or a temple should not exist in front of the main entrance of the house. But are definite way to place sculptures and photographs in well manner in the temple of your house which is prescribed by Vaastu Shastra.

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You should also take special care of these rules in the worshiping in the house.

Where should we put temple in house. Instead keep it on a raised platform or pedestal advises Parmar. The Lord idols should be placed in the east and the west of the Puja mandir. Never face the idol or.

Finally the time had arrived. The color of the walls of the Puja room should be white light yellow or light blue. Meditating Buddha Meditating Buddha idols are suited to quiet corners.

The placement of mandir should be in a way such that the person should face north direction look somehow if not done that way then facing east direction while praying is also kind of okay but you know we always talk about the best things then north is the one which we call the best direction. If its inner peace you seek the meditative pose of Buddha is for you. You should face East or North while performing puja.

When it comes to constructing the temple do not place it directly on the floor. The faces of the Lord should not be in the south. The house temple must be at north-east corner in such way that while praying you face towards east.

Avoid temples made from glass or acrylic. Due to limited space Temple may be located in any area except bedroom. The floor should be of either white or light yellow color.

Pooja should not be placed at Ishan Northeast corner of the house. However in case there is no other option or you have some space management issues you can place the Temple at some height and cover it with. If the worship room is of the shape of a pyramid it is auspicious.

It is very necessary to correct the direction of the housePooja room in the house should be in the north-east direction. How should a temple at home be constructed as per Vastu. If it is deity is Ganesh then you should keep it in South area.

Where to put these. As per the vastu principles buying a house near a temple is not recommended but if a house or building has already been constructed or bought there are some vastu remedies for house near a temple. It should never be in the South.

Pooja room is good at East South West and North. Where to Keep Buddha Statue in the House 3. This form of Buddha must always face West to represent his imminent death and should recline to the right.

According to Vastu Shastra a temple in a home or office protects the space from harmful vibes — it can help us when we are angry sad or scared — so like the other rooms special attention. Lamp stand should be in the south-east or east corner of the puja room. Unfortunately we are not experts in Feng Shui so we are not particularly qualified to tell you where you should place a statue if you are looking for prosperity.

Keep the Temple Clean. I only know that indoors many people like to put their statues in the back left corner as you come inside the front door. As per Lal Kitab it is written that we should not keep the Idols of God in the house as these idols give us reverse effect if kept at home other than Temple.

Home temple should be ideally placed in North-east corner which is also known as Ishaan corner and alternative is East which means placing in East facing West. This is a very vast topic and I will write in detail on this some other time. But i have put it over wall facing west so i face east while performing japa.

Here with some provisions we can put or install or construct the pooja room at Ishan corner with care before going to do it better to get suggestion from one experienced vastu consultant. Having a house located near a temple is one principle which has had a lot of conflicting opinions over the years. 2A Wooden Temple should not be placed in bedroom.

According to Vastu best suitable location for Temple in the building is the East North or North-East quadrant of the house. I too have little mandir at home. Do not clutter the temple.

The temple should be made of marble or wood. Make your surroundings a better place to live in. If not possible a clean corner in living room is okay.

Buying a house near a temple. According to Vastu Shastra it is considered appropriate to place the idol and picture of any goddess and deity on the wall on the east or north side of the house of worship. This is best however while praying one must not face towards south.

The northeast direction is known to be the best direction for facing pooja room or Mandir. You can keep it in separate room. Pooja should not be placed at the Southwest corner of the house.

The pooja room placement is good at Northeast care has to taken to keep pooja room at Northeast corner of the house for this we clearly discussed on last page so please click the learn more buttons at the bottom on this page. We should not get into the habit of building a temple in the house. The terrace or balcony in the house should be either in the east or the north.

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